LadiesGamers Overview week 37

Come on in my friend, and get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. Time to look back at the overview of everything that happened on the site this past week, running from September 7th until September 13th 2020.

The weekly news highlights what happened on this past week. So if you haven’t had time to read during the week, here’s all that was published all wrapped in a nice package.

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This week’s reviews

Monster Prom: XXL Review (Nintendo Switch)

Have you ever imagined you were a monster trying to get a date to the local prom? Me neither, but there is a video game for everything and now there’s one for taking your favorite monster to your high school prom. So how is it? Let’s find out!

Monster Prom: XXL [Poltergeist and computer characters. Poltergeist character is making a Narnia reference.]

Volta – X Review (Nintendo Switch)

LadiesGamers Volta - X

Spiritfarer Review (Nintendo Switch )

Spiritfarer is a game everyone should play: entertaining, enjoyable to play and also hopeful, comforting, and positive and certainly big on delivering the ”feels”!

Spiritfarer LadiesGamers

Okunoka Madness Review (Nintendo Switch)

Beautiful graphics but a very challegning level based platformer. Just be careful not to throw your Switch down the stairs.

LadiesGamers Okunoka Madness

Best Friend Forever Review (Nintendo Switch)

Best Friend Forever is a simulation game that places you into the shoes of an aspiring photographer combining pet care and dating.

Meganoid Review (Nintendo Switch)

Meganoid is a hard but entertaining platformer. Runs won’t last long but the randomly generated levels give plenty of incentive to try again.

LadiesGamers Meganoid

Double Kick Heroes Review (Nintendo Switch)

Although no Metal Head, Shawn concludes Double Kick Heroes is a violent enjoyable ride of ingenuity worth putting the pedal to the metal for!

Double Kick Heroes LadiesGamers

Star Renegades Review (PC)

Star Renegades is a beautiful looking sci fi game with deep turn based gameplay to match. Not one to be missed by fans of the genre.

LadiesGamers Star Renegades

A Short Hike Review (Nintendo Switch)

A Short Hike can, as the title suggests, be a short game. But if you take the shortest road, you’re missing out: it’s the journey that counts!

Even The Ocean Review (Nintendo Switch)

A balance between story and puzzle platforming. Even the Ocean is a fun casual title suited to a wide audience.

LadiesGamers Even the Ocean

Roommates Review (Nintendo Switch)

Roommates is about 6 dorm-mates who you follow through their first year of college. A classic visual novel, with a few simulation elements.

The Last Campfire Review (Nintendo Switch)

Poignant and charming, The Last Campfire is an adventure puzzle game that developers Hello Games should be very proud of. Reserve a spot on your Switch!

The last Campfire LadiesGamers

Tank Mechanic Simulator Review (Nintendo Switch)

Who would have though a game called Tank Mechanic Simulator would have ended up being quite the therapeutic experince. Well it happened.

LadiesGamers Tank Mechanic Simulator

Editorials/ Featured Series

Guide for Niche: Beginners Tips

Niche, a game I reviewed and loved. And as we often do for games we love: we make a guide! This one has beginners tips!

LadiesGamers review Niche

YvoCaro Plays: the time for Wholesome Games is here!

The World of Video Games is changing. Have you noticed the shift in attention towards the cute and colorful, towards the Wholesome Games?

YvoCaro Plays

Gaming News

Gaming News weekend 37 with these news snippets

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is coming

Dunkin’ Donuts on the Animal Crossing band wagon

The Kind Camomille campaign ended

The Kind Camomille

Scary Kholat on Switch a Narrative-led Sci-Fi JRPG

As Far As the Eye City Builder

Early Access Cloud Gardens

Immortals Fenyx Rising coming

The Survivalist launches October 9


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