MiiTopia: the Return of the Mii?

Reminiscing About Mii

One of the things I absolutely loved on the 3DS was everything revolving around the Mii’s. Streetpassing people and finding their Mii in my Mii Plaza. Doing the little mini games in there, like Puzzle Swap and Flower Town was huge fun. And i really liked the games that were derived from the Mii. Think back to Tomodachi Life. I’m pretty sure my residents in there are still happily living their life.

I always felt it was a pity that the Switch didn’t have Streetpass functionality. Sure, many people never take their Switch out of the cradle, but a lot of devices travel with their owners. (Or at least they did before the pandemic) It was a good surprise when the Nintendo Direct last week revealed that MiiTopia is coming to our favorite console as well.

I must admit that I never played the game on the 3DS, though the reveal trailer in 2016 sure had me intrigued.

Will the Mii Return?

Could MiiTopia be the first sign of the return of the Mii to the Nintendo console? I sure hope so. The game will be released on May 21, 2021 and the storyline is the same.

A Dark Lord is stealing Miis faces. So it’s your job to gather a party and get them back. Everyone in Miitopia is a Mii! Whether it’s the fearless hero, the beautiful Princess or even the nefarious Dark Lord, you decide who stars in this story. You could have your best mates join you in battle, dress Grandad up like a king, or turn Mum into the big baddy. The choice is yours!

In the world of Miitopia, relationships are key, so consider spending some quality time with your allies to strengthen bonds. This can give you an advantage during battle – but if your relationships sour, things might take a turn for the worse!

In the Nintendo Switch version of the game, players will be able to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s advanced Mii creator. Makeup and wigs have also been added to the game. Plus, you can have a horse as an ally. Care for it and it’ll lend a hoof in battles!

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