Mini Guide Dragon Quest Builders 2: Green Gardens Tablet Targets

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a huge game, and over here at we love it: we gave it the two thumbs up. So, we felt the game merited a series of mini-guides, and here’s your fourth one. All about Green Gardens Tablet Targets.

Green tablet at the Isle of Awakening

Let’s move on: once you have finished the Furrowfield portion of the story you are returned back to the Isle of Awakening where you originally started.

There are 3 areas in all on the isle of Awakening to discover, and each has its own tablet targets to do and complete. It should be noted though that you can complete any of the tablet targets in any of the 3 regions on the isle of Awakening.

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As you complete targets some new ones will appear on the board so you should check it often to see what new targets have appeared. You can’t complete all of the targets at once as some of them require further storyline progression to be able to complete them. But completing some of these tablet targets will result in you receiving some very useful tools from the Hairy Hermit on top of the mountain.

So let’s take a look at the tasks.

First area: Green Gardens

The first area you are returned to on the Isle of Awakening is Green gardens so those are the targets we are going to take a look at in this guide.

Make a River: fairly self explanatory this one, follow the NPC’s and their points on the river bed and use the bottomless pot to pour clean water out and make a river.

DQB2 mini guide LadiesGamers

Make a meadow: Using the worm food recipe, craft some worm food and place it around green gardens for Wrigley the worm to turn it into green meadow tiles. You can remove the tiles later if you wish once the target has been reached.

Make a forest: make some Woody Goodies and place hem around e area to make a forest.

Build lots of Rooms: Again this one is self explanatory. You will complete this one without to much trouble just by building rooms to keep your Isle Of Awakening happy. Kitchen, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and toilets etc.

Optional Tasks

Optional Build a restaurant: Build a kitchen and dining room next to each other ( you may need a door between them). Place 3 bonfires and a chest for the kitchen and for the dining room 1 light source and a dining table set. 

DQB2 mini guide LadiesGamers

Optional Build a petting zoo: for this you will need to build an aminal house and a playful park beside one another with a gate in between. Animal house is a room or area fenced off with a pet bed, 1 pet bowl and 1 haystack.For the playful park you will need 1 bench, 1 tree set either 1 tree or 2 trees and a tree swing. 2 plank pathways and any 2 flowers.

Optional Build a room up high: Basically its build  a room on top of the highest mountain near green gardens, 3 walls and a door is enough to complete this target and you can demolish the room after you met the target.

Optional Make 50 meadow tiles: Make the majority of tiles in Green gardens into grassy earth tiles. You can use the Transform-O-Trowel to replace the tiles around Green Gardens with grassy earth tiles and these can be found on Blossom bay if you have already received the Trowel if you don’t have the trowel use Wrigley and his food to create meadows.

Optional Make 30 Forests: Use Wrigley the worm and Woody Goodies to make the area into a forest.

Optional Make 90 Water: this one is similar to the river target, pour water out of the Bottomless Pot over an area to turn 90 tiles into water tiles. You can scoop the water back up once the target has been fulfilled if you wish.

Optional Find More Residents: You will have got a a few residents from the story Islands already so to top it up to 15 residents you can find some more by visiting the Buildertopia’s Bests on the Explorer Shores islands.

Optional Light up the island: Make 50 torches and place them on the ground and thats enough to complete this target. The torches can be removed after the target has completed. 

Optional Build a Farm: What this really means is make a Paddock; which is a fenced of area with a gate and wheatgrass planted and 1 haystack. Your livestock will use the paddock and it raises their happiness.

Optional Make Some very Happy Animals: If you have your animals in a Paddock in Green Gardens there happiness will increase so this target is easy enough to earn.

Optional Build Lots Of Fields: To complete this target build 300 field blocks, Place 4 scarecrows on earth tiles and fence the area off and add a few gates and your farmer NPCs will till the ground.

DQB2 mini guide LadiesGamers

Optional Grow Lots of different Crops: This is asking you to grow 15 different crops in your fields. You can find seeds by adding a dog to your party and sailing to the Explorer Islands and the dog will sniff out the seeds. Plant the seeds,  once the seeds have grown the target will complete. 

DQB2 mini guide LadiesGamers

Optional Make lots of Food: To complete this target your will need to cook 20 different recipes using any off the cooking stations, the Fiery Frypan Set or the Brick Barbecue and a cask can be used to get this target.

The awesome Transform-O-Trowel

Complete 5 tablet targets and the hermit will give you a new tool the Transform-O-Trowel which allows you to place blocks with ones you are holding. This is especially useful tool for building as well as you can place a 2×5 block of tiles in one go (as shown below) or use it to fill in ground areas by making your character look down.

It should not take too long to have 5 targets completed, you don’t have to do them in the order they appear on the tablet, and once you have the Trowel or any off the other tools or upgrades you receive from Hairy Hermit you can use the new tools to help complete some of the targets in the other areas of the Isle of Awakening.

DQB2 mini guide LadiesGamers

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