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Mini Guide Dragon Quest Builders 2: Scarlet Sands Red Tablet Targets

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a huge game, and over here at LadiesGamers.com we love it: we gave it the two thumbs up. So, we felt the game merited a series of mini-guides, and here’s your fifth one. All about Scarlet Sands Red Tablet Targets.

Red tablet at the Isle of Awakening

After finishing the Khrumbul-Dun chapter in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you are returned to the Isle of Awakening. A talk with to the Hairy Hermit on the mountain top sends you to the second tablet on the island…Scarlet Sands.

DCB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

The Scarlet Sands area

Build a  Pyramid: This target is given to you by Lulu, as this is a large build it is done in 3 stages and uses 3 blueprints. It seems the residents you brought back from Khrumbul-Dun could be mind readers as they know about this build. They are also extremely organised and place a chest down with all the items needed for the pyramid.

DQB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

Once the first blueprint is in place they get to work building it. Keep an eye on the chest in case you have to craft items that may be running low for the building of the pyramid. Talk to Lulu after each level of the pyramid is finished and to start the next level. If you wish you can destroy the Pyramid after the target is completed and build what ever you want in its place. 

Build an Oasis: Make sure you have clean water in the Bottomless Pot, equip it and you can use the area you are pointed to by the NPCs or else where in Scarlet Sands if you prefer. Wrigley the worm will give you some Worm food to make some areas of green around the oasis close to the water.

DCB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

Optional Tasks

Optional Build Lots of Rooms: This target is easy to complete though you should be close to completing it if you haven’t already from the builds you have built previously on the isle of Awakening. You need at least 15 rooms built to complete this target, bathroom, bedrooms or any off the rooms you have previously learnt how to build will do. 

Optional Build Rooms of Different Ambience: There are 6 different Ambiences in Dragon Quest Builders 2 these are shown on the right hand top corner of the info icon when looking at items in your inventory. They are…Cute, Cool, Natural, Flamboyant, Cheeky, and Normal. To complete this target either use rooms you have already built by adding items that will give ambience to the room that match the wall and floors ambience as the walls and floors blocks also count toward increasing the ambience of a room or build 6 rooms new rooms if you wish.

DQB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

Optional Build A Room Somewhere Down Below: Dig Down at least 12 to 15 or blocks below the level of the sea, make a room and add a door. I completed this target by going to the beach and picking a dry area on the beach near the dock and removing blocks to make a room underground add a door and once the room registers with the game the target is completed.

DQB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

Optional Build a Hotel: You can use the inside of the pyramid for this target if you wish. A Hotel is a Basic Bedroom with 2 Beds and 1 Light, a  Reception Room is a Room with 1 Stationery, 1 Table,  1 Wall Decoration and 1 Tabletop Light.  20 Gratitude will unlock the Stationery and lights includes Candles and Lanterns and Candlesticks, Wall Decorations includes Buntings.

Optional Build a very Fancy Room: After completing Krumbul-Dun you have access to gold and silver, make either gold or silver or both blocks and build a 20×20 block room using the gold or silver for walls and floor, add in around 15 Gold Blazier and 2 lanterns and that’s usually enough to complete this target.

DQB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

More Optional tasks

Optional Increase overall Fanciness: To increase the overall fanciness of a room the wall and floor are taken into account so using Silver or Gold blocks for floor and walls will add some fanciness by adding golden braziers and items that have silver or gold in them from the workbench. The first target is to reach 25 fanciness and after it completes you then have to increase fanciness to 50.

Optional Sell Something: On the Explorer Shores Iridescent island you will find at the Builderdom Best a Merchant NPC, recruiting one of those to Scarlet Sands is the first thing you need to do for this target. After recruiting a Merchant you will need to build an item shop. Table x1, price tag x1, shop sign x 1 and any crate x2 are the items needed to make a shop.

Place the price tag on top of the table and then press A to add an item to the price tag. Books and silver or gold blocks added to the price tag seem to be the best sellers and don’t forget to leave room behind the table and price tag for the Merchant to stand. 200 sales are needed to complete this target. This is an on going target and if possible it best to set it up as soon as you can and keep it stocked. The merchant will sell the items and your sales will soon reach 200.

DQB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

Optional Build a Changing Room: A changing room requires 1 x Dressing table, 1 x Wardrobe, 1 x Chair, and any light. Place clothes into the wardrobe and the NPCs will change their clothes.

Optional Change your Residents Clothes: Once you have built the changing room and added lots of clothes to the wardrobe the NPCs will start changing their clothes, you need 10 of them to do this to complete this target.

Optional Build an Animal house: Do you find your chicken lay eggs everywhere on the IOA, building an animal house for them will stop them leaving eggs all over the place as well as complete this target. Either use blocks or fencing and build a room add 1x gate, 1 x Animal bed, 1 x Food Bowl  and a Haystack.

Optional Breed Some Pets: For this target you will need either 2 dogs or 2 cats. Blossom Bay is where you will find a dog and Sunny Sands is where you can recruit a cat. Once you have your pair of animals build them an Animal house with 2 beds and 2 bowls and assign the animal house to the animals by placing 2 name signs inside. Place  beef or fish in the food bowls and play lots of attention to your pet. Once they reach 100% happiness each which you can check in the Residents Register feed them each a Moreberry ( Rare form of Strawberry) in the evening.  Sleep and by morning you should be the proud owner of a kitten or puppy. Rinse and repeat and once they have breed 3 times the target will complete.

DQB 2 mini guide ladiesgamers.com

One comment

  1. Interesting tidbit: this tablet seems to be the only one that can be completed to 20/20 before going to the next area – the green tablet can only get to 16/20 before the second story island and 19/20 before the third. The red tablet stops at 17/20 before getting to post-game.

    Also, I have to disagree with your advice on the “very fancy room” target – 150 floor blocks is the maximum, bigger than that and it no longer registers as a room, so 20×20 (400 blocks) wouldn’t work. Also, that might be overkill – the 5×10 room I used for the bedroom part of the hotel with all gold bricks for floor and walls plus 12 simple beds, 1 gold brazier, and a cast iron door (which might be from DLC, not sure because I’m playing on the Steam version which automatically included all DLC) has max fanciness. Switching to a “rustic door” (and two extra gold bricks, since the door was apparently three blocks wide) still shows 4 stars for fanciness.

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