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My Time at Sandrock: Steam Demo Impressions

As you know we are always on the lookout for simulation games and My Time at Sandrock is just our kind of game. Pathea Games are developing Sandrock, maybe you recognize the name, they are also the team behind the development of My Time at Portia.

Here at LadiesGamers, we loved My Time at Portia even though there were a few bugs in the game at the time of launch. We reviewed the game and published a beginners guide for it too. Similar to My Time at Portia, My Time at Sandrock takes place in a wholesome post-apocalyptic world around 300 years after the Day of Calamity.

My time at sandrock LadiesGamers

Kickstarter campaign

Sandrock is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign and has a hazy release date of sometime in the later months of this year. The original release date of March 2021 for the early access has had to be pushed back due to a delay with a rating certification for the game. Now Pathea has planned to first launch on Steam Early Access with console editions being planned for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2022.

During the Steam Fest in May, Pathea Games released a demo for Sandrock on Steam and I got to try the game out. If you have played My Time at Portia you will feel right at home in Sandrock.

My time at sandrock LadiesGamers

Arriving in Sandrock

You have been recruited to Sandrock as a builder. As you arrive in town you’ll find it in a sad state of repair. Shops are run down, buildings are empty, and people are looking to leave. It’ll be up to you to use your wits and skills. And by using your wits, skills and workshop you’ll be able to unite the townsfolk and rebuild the city into a beacon of prosperity. The world of Sandrock certainly looks bigger than the world in Portia, whether it is or not we will have to wait on the full game to find out.

Much like My Time at Portia, you’ll have a complex set of machines that all work together situated at your home. These will help you to produce parts of huge structures for the town that you assemble piece by piece. A worktable is available to use in the yard of your home. Here you can craft hundreds of unique items. Items that can help out individual townspeople or be placed throughout your own homestead to decorate it.

My time at sandrock LadiesGamers

Open World

With a big open world to explore in the vast deserts surrounding Sandrock you’ll be exploring ruins and hunting for ancient relics from the Old World. Better have a weapon with you, as you will be facing the dangers of dungeons and fight monsters, and robots. A new combat system is implemented in My Time at Sandrock allowing you to switch from melee to third-person shooting.

Additionally, there are all the usual activities to take part in, such as attending to your crops and animals. Some work in the kitchen is required to cook up some food from the crops you have grown. Food can be sold or given as gifts to the town NPC’s or eaten by your character to gain stats. The town is where you will meet the town characters and participate in quests for them. Quests can be picked up from the Notice board in the town hall.

my time at Sandrock LadiesGamers

Romancing in Sandrock

You’ll have to option to romance some of the town NPC’s. There are many quirky and unique characters in town to makes friends with and fulfil quests for. Romancing with particular NPC’s in the game will have its advantages for your character. Advantages such as unlocking perks or new missions, stat boosts, and cheaper goods. They may even be willing hand to help out when you need it.

Pathea Games has said they intend to include some mini-games into My time at Sandrock. Sand racing, sand fishing, are only a few of the mini-games to be added into the game.

my time at sandrock LadiesGamers

Holiday Events

There are several holidays and events that will happen throughout the year in the game. Some returning from Portia with a fresh take, some all new and unique to Sandrock. Participate in the Day of the Bright Sun, which is celebrated all over. Join in the Day of Warmth, where people dance around a bonfire. Or first Rain, where people celebrate the first rainfall of the year. Each holiday will make for a fun and immersive experience. There is some quality of life improvements included. For example, the calendar you can call up any time has the ability to allow you to set custom reminders which is great for those of us with bad memories.

Furthermore, there are four weather seasons as well as a full day-night cycle in My Time at Sandrock. Since it’s based in a desert rain doesn’t fall very often, but you have to watch out for the sandstorms!

my time at Sandrock LadiesGamers

Looking Good

My Time at Sandrock’s demo looks really well on my laptop. It is clear from the demo that the developers have a lot of new, fun ideas and are pouring a lot of love into the making of the game. If you want to keep up to date with how the development is going, then check out the My Time at Sandrock Steam News page. 

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