Nintendo eShop Highlights June 14th (Updated)

It’s Thursday once again, which means it’s time to publish another list of titles that’s making there way to the eShop today, and throughout the week.  Unknown to us last week, Bethesda had plans to release a Switch version of Fallout Shelter, and Nintendo surprised the world by making both Hollow Knight and Fortnite available during the E3 digital event.  So it’s important to note that games can become available through the eShop with very little notice, so I apologize if this list ends up being incomplete.

One game of interest on the list is N.I.S America’s Lost Child which is currently being played and will be reviewed by a member of the team.  I personally like the look of Whip Whip which harks bark to classic 8-bit single screen platformers.  🙂

O yes, there’s a certain small Octopath Traveller demo available today too.

If you do plan to purchase any of the titles listed below then please let us know by participating in our poll.

Nintendo Switch

  • AVA NeoGeo Super Sidekicks 3 – £6.29/€6,99/$7.99
  • Beekyr Reloaded – £7.99/€9,99/$9,99
  • Chameleon Run Deluxe Edition – £4.99/€5,99/$5.99
  • Lanota – $14.99 (US Only)
  • Lego the Incredibles (15th) – $59,99 (US Only)
  • Soccer Slammers – £8.99/€9,99/$9,99
  • The Number Puzzle – £4.49/€4,99 (Already available in US)
  • Whip Whip! – £7.19/€7,99/$9.99
  • Pub Encounter – £15.99/€16,99/$16.99
  • INK (19th) – £6.47/€7,99/$7.19
  • Flashback (19th) £17.99/€19,99 (Already available in US)
  • Anima: Gate of Memories Arcane Edition (19th) £26.99/€29,99 (Europe only)
  • Grab the Bottle (19th) £4.04/€4,49/$4.49
  • R.B.I Baseball 18 – $29.99 (US Only)
  • Moorhuhn Remake – $5.59 (US Only)
  • Bloons TD 5 – $14.99 (US Only)
  • The Lost Child – $49.99 (US Only)
  • Minecraft  (20th) – $29,99 (US Only)
  • Arcade Archives Donkey Kong – £6.29/€6.99/$7.99

Nintendo Switch Demo

Nintendo 3DS

  • Up Up Bot – £1.39/€1.39

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