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Ova Magica: Kickstarter campaign coming

We’re always on the lookout for nice Kickstarter campaign.  One that’s been on our radar since last year when Yvonne covered it in the Weekend Gaming news, is Ova Magica.

With the words “inspired by Stardew Valley, Slime Rangers and beloved classics like Harvest Moon and Pokemon” used in the developer ClaudiaTheDev’s description of the game, it caught our attention!

Ova Magica is RPG/life simulation where you can breed and train cute blob creatures, take care of your farm, customise it and your home and make friends with the people of Clover Town. Sounds like fun doesn’t it, let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

Ova Magica LadiesGamers


You’ll be able to farm, grow crops and fruit trees, and look after your blob animals. Enjoy many activities like fishing, bug catching, cooking and more. Crafting resources you have gathered to create new items with a workbench and decorate your farm and home!

Ova Magica LadiesGamers

Breed Blob Creatures

Breed unique creatures called Blobs, which you can cross-breed and create a dream team to go into battle with. Blobs hatch from eggs, but until other games, you don’t receive experience points after a battle.

To make your Blobs stronger you have to feed them good quality food that you grow on your farm. You can also pet the blobs and use specific skills in battles to make the blobs stronger. And most importantly your Blobs can help you with the work around the farm.

Ova Magica, LadiesGamers

Go Exploring

Fancy a little exploring as well as farming, you can do that too. With dangerous mazes to explore, where you can find eggs and rare treasures. The dungeons change every time you enter them.  At the end of a dungeon you will meet a strong blob boss who guards the rare eggs. Better be ready as a tough battle awaits you!

Ova Magica, LadiesGamers

Fight Trainers

You’ll be able to fight against other trainers and wild blobs. Experience a strategic Active Time Battle system with a little twist. Attacks throw you back to the active time battle bar and can even cancel your current action. You’ll need to think carefully when it’s time to defend and when to attack. Also, plan to use the right skill type to gain elementary advantages.

Ova Magica LadiesGamers

Make Friends

You can make friends and build relationships with different characters in Clover town. By talking, battling, and gifting the townsfolk you will be able to increase your friendship and unlock new events and places. There are wonderful stories you can experience about the people in the town of Clover.Ova Magica, LadiesGamers

In Development

At this stage, Ova Magica is still in development. It has been announced that the game once it has been successfully funded through the Kickstarter campaign will  eventually be released on Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4,  Xbox one, and the next generation consoles as well.

Ova Magica LadiesGamers

Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter campaign for Ova Magica starts on the 9th February, that’s a date to make in your diary. The game looks like a lot of fun, filled with cute blob animals, just what we all need to relax with. You can find the link to the Kickstarter campaign page here.

Check out Claudia the dev’s progress on the development of Ova Magica on Itch!

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