Rune Factory 4 Special on Switch

Lately, more game titles make it to Steam or are on Kickstarter seeking funding, that are fashioned after Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon or Rune Factory. Now most gamers know the first two, but the Rune Factory series isn’t as well known. In fact, the fans had despaired ever seeing a new Rune Factory game coming to life again a couple of years ago.

Rune Factory 4 developer bankrupt

Mid December 2014 the last Rune Factory game, RF 4, was released in Europe. An event that came and went rather quietly back then, not much media attention was given to the eShop only release. A release that happened a good 14 months after the U.S. release. And took place a year after developer Neverland Company Inc. had been forced to shut its doors, due to financial troubles that resulted in bankruptcy.

It’s ironic that Rune Factory 4 for the 3DS turned out to be the fastest-selling title in the Rune Factory franchise, successful enough to merit a 5th game. Due to the fact that Neverland ceased to exist that was  doubtful. Lucky for us though, the development team was hired by publisher Marvelous. And in the Nintendo Direct of February 2019 we learned they were indeed working on Rune Factory again. First, on a special version of Rune Factory 4. And after that, Rune Factory 5. Hooray!

The special features of the Switch version

Rune Factory came to life as a spin-off series to the original Harvest Moon (Bokujou Monogatari) when it celebrated its 10-year anniversary. It had farming, tending animals and courtship but these games also had a good storyline and an RPG element. That’s what made them so unique. There had been several instalments of the series on DS and 3DS and two console games (Frontier and Tides of Destiny).

Rune Factory has all the elements we love in simulation games and more. Now, the version coming to Switch is a port of the 3DS game. But due to not having dual screens to work with they had to do a near complete overhaul of the user interface. Plus, the Switch version features updated character models (as well as their 2D counterparts), upgraded animations and new Japanese voice acting.

Added to that, you’ll be able to play in Newly Wed Mode, where you marry your in game partner and play together, focusing on your newlywed life. Plus, there are even new scenarios to enjoy with each character in the game. And don’t forget, if you have Rune Factory 4 Special save data on your Switch when you play RF 5 later on, you will receive a special, to be revealed, bonus.

The Japanese version releases July 25. The Western release date is yet unknown at the moment but it’s confirmed for 2019.


  1. Now we are talking!! Rune factory 4 and 5…omg…I love these games …i have played all of them!! I cannot wait for them to come to Switch. Most of them have decent story lines and a good replay value. I love the fact that the animals can help you in the fields…even though most of my crops are in a cave. I have spent many hours with these beloved games…i love the fighting aspect, and the boss monsters. Thanks for bringing us news on these games!! Counting the days until My Time in Portia will be released. Happy Thursday to you all.

    1. I totally agree. Though I do like me a good Harvest Moon, Rune Factory is so much better in lots of ways. I’m not sure if I’ll go for RF4 Special now though. Already so much in my backlog and I’ve already played it on the 3DS. But who knows, I guess it depends on the release time

  2. This is very good news!
    But why not a remake of Frontier instead of Rune Factory 4 from the 3DS?
    I played Frontier on the Wii and I loved it!

      1. Exactly!
        You would think it would be easier to bring a Wii game to the Switch then a 3DS one.
        (although I have to admit I know nothing about it..)
        At least they wouldn’t have to do a near complete overhaul of the user interface.

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