Six Sides of the World review for Switch

Game: Six Sides of the World
System: Switch
Developer: Cybernetik
Publisher: Dolores Entertainment SL
Age Rating: 3+ (Europe)| E (America)
Price: $9.99 |£ 8.99 |€ 9,99
Release Date: 4 October 2018
(Also available on WiiU and Steam)

Overall Feeling: I like it!

Review Code kindly provided by Dolores Entertainment

Released within the last few years for the Wii u and Steam, Six Sides Of The World (SSOTW) is a puzzle game which it is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Have the Borg won 😜?

Six Sides of the World is an intergalactic journey through various star systems full of six sided cube like planets. If you are a Star Trek Fan this might have you worried, but rest assured, the universe hasn’t been taken over by the Borg!

The story is about Maigo. Maigo is a little robot ( at least I think it’s a robot) exploring these cube planets and star systems. It’s your job to guide Maigo through various traps on each cube to collect a key crystal to progress to the next planet.

Each cube is packed full of various hazards for Maigo to avoid as he moves along a predetermined path. Robots with laser beams that can instantly kill Maigo and warp him back to the starting position. Switches to glide over or stand on to turn on or off a coloured portal depending on what Maigo needs to advance around the cube. Different coloured portals will warp Maigo to a different side of the cube planet, lots of triggers and timers and not forgetting those laser beams the list goes on.

Control Maigo on several sides of the cube

Six Sides Of The World’s first few planets are where you learn the few simple controls needed to navigate Maigo around the cubes. All the cube planets can be turned around so you can see each side of it to help solve the puzzle. There is no zoom in though which I think the game is in need of as your view of the cube planets are not close up  and sometimes I found Maigo a little hard to see while playing handheld but other than that the game controls very smoothly.

After the first few cube planets the difficulty goes up quickly. Lots more traps and coloured portals and new features are added to catch you out and keep you interested. Some cubes have more than one possible way to complete them and by doing so this in turn can open up extras planets. Logic and spatial awareness is needed to get Maigo to the key crystal. Oh and some patience as well as the cubes can’t be rushed.

After you solve one cube planet and are moving of to the next one a short story appears on a black screen, this is the extent of how the story is told and that’s fine as SSOTW doesn’t need a complex story or a voiced narrative as it’s really the puzzle cubess that are centre stage.

As you journey through the different solar systems some later star system’s open up early in the game. You can chose to play those if you want a challenge or stick to the slightly easier path.


SSOTW has a sci-fi feel and look to it and the electronic music blends with the theme. I enjoyed listening to it while I solved the puzzles. Even though SSOTW is cheaper on STEAM than on the Nintendo Switch I think it is worth the extra money.  Having that portability and being able to chose to play how you want is great. Play in short bursts or have a longer brain challenging session handheld or which ever way you play.

I liked this puzzle game. Anyone looking for a challenge with a great look would be wise to check out Six Sides Of The World.

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