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The Return Road: Update #3

Howdy all, when I last posted about my quest to revisit some unfinished games in my Switch library, I was due to return to the Crash Bandicoot trilogy remake.

Second Crash Bandicoot game

I can announce that has indeed happened and I have finished up the second games story! This involved playing each level through to the finish and defeating the final boss. There still remains the additional challenges such as destroying all boxes in each level and the time attack modes. But the difficulty of simply clearing the game has been enough for me until the future where I may return again. For now it’s time to move on to the third and final game in the trilogy.

Clearing the story mode in the third game

My memories of Crash Bandicoot 3 are hazy. I played the first game the most and almost none of the second as a kid. The third I played a little more, but my copy was misplaced so like the second it will mostly feel all new.

The original trilogy contains a consistently challenging experience that’s satisfying to overcome. Deaths are comical, and though lives and the dreaded Game Over screen exist, the game quickly allows you to return to each level until you succeed. My goal here again, is to simply clear through the story mode and defeat the final boss. I look forward to catching up here again upon completion where I will reveal my next step on my return road journey, wish me luck!

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