Upcoming Switch Games May 2020

May is here already. A month ago when I looked at the upcoming games of April, I was still hoping the world would return to some form of normality again. Not happened yet, and to be honest, I think it will be a long time before we go back to normal. Better to retreat into our gaming again. Let’s look at the games to be released that stand out to us in May!

Mind you, not all games to be released are on here. Alternatively you will see games that the big gaming sites don’t mention. These are the games that we are taking notice of, and if given half a chance, you can expect reviews for many of them! It should be noted that unless I have some personal experience with the game mentioned, there’s a link to the descriptions on the Nintendo website.

Arcade Spirits – May 1

Arcade Spirits is a very delightful Visual Novel to play especially if you are as passionate about gaming as I am. The writers and developers show a whole lot of passion for the gaming medium and also handle hard themes really well. That is something I really admire and enjoy seeing in a game that basically is about finding hope, video games, and having passion for what you do.

Glenn made her review of the game here.

STONE – May 8

STONE is a single-player third-person interactive story, where a hungover koala detective wakes to find his lover Alex has been kidnapped. An Aussie stoner noir story game by Convict Games.

“G’day, I’m Stone. Play this feature length interactive story ( don’t expect shooting or winning or losing ) and see what happened. Yeah it was rough, but a good life lesson. Enjoy, and remember don’t do this at home ya bunch of crazy animals”.

You can find James’ review here. 

Fledging Heroes – May 7

Australian indie studio Subtle Boom brings its debut title Fledgling Heroes’ to Nintendo Switch on 7th May 2020. This light hearted game boasts 90+ hand crafted levels with 4 challenging game modes is a side-scrolling game featuring brave birds taking on a wild world.

Each feathered friend has their own treacherous tale to tell as they dodge dastardly pirate lizARRrds, dash through frozen forests, dive through sunken temples, and flap their way from fledglings to fully-fledged heroes! Fledgling Heroes also features a fully customisable online level editor enabling gamers to build their own adventures and test them against their friends or other players across the globe!

Spirit of the North – May 7

Merge games, along with Infuse Studio, is bringing the emotional exploration-puzzle adventure Spirit of the North to the Switch and PC on the 7thMay. This single-player 3rd-person adventure game inspired by the breath-taking and mysterious landscapes of Iceland looks really good. The story takes root from various pieces of Nordic folklore.

You play as an ordinary red fox whose story becomes entwined with the guardian of the Northern Lights, a female spirit fox. As you journey over the mountains and under red-stained skies, you’ll discover more about your companion and a land left in ruin. Traverse tundra, glaciers, and mountainsides as you follow a foreboding scarlet trail that paints the sky.

Solve various puzzles and speculate the meaning of a lost ancient civilization. With the help of your new companion, shed light on the ruins of the past and overcome obstacles. What did I tell you? Intriguing, right?

Rio played the game, you can find her review here. 

Lonely Mountains: Downhill – May 7

Thunderful Publishing have announced that they will publish the low-poly style mountain biking game Lonely Mountains: Downhill for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 7, 2020. The game is already available for PS 4, Xbox One and Steam.

“Ride any way you like – reckless and fast or careful and slow – and feel the thrill while progressing downhill. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game where it’s just you and your bike with the objective of successfully getting downhill. There are challenges to complete which unlock new trails and mountains, and leaderboards for those who want to master the mountainousterrain and reach the base with the fastest time possible. Players can also take their time and explore the mountains to find hidden rest areas.”

James raced down this mountain, his review is here. 

Monochrome World – May 8

Monochrome World features the journey of a raindrop to recolor the gray world in 60 stages. It’s an action puzzle experience with extreme difficulty (or so the publisher writes). You recolour the stages that are full of gimmicks and some parts will test your speed and control. You can furthermore make and customise your own little raindrop.

Island Saver – May 13

On 13 May, a new educational game will be released on the Switch. What caught my attention is that it is published by NatWest. Video-game developer Stormcloud that has worked with the bank to make Island Saver. Kids get to explore tropical jungles, the icy arctic, dusty deserts and volcanoes while cleaning up the landscape. Plus, there are 42 Bankanimals to save. Had to smile at that term!

Cooking simulator – May 14

Are you a fan of cooking games? Then you will be pleased to find that a new one is coming to the eShop on May 14: Cooking Simulator. But this time no cutesy graphics, but a highly polished, realistic kitchen. Use ovens, gas stands, pots, pans, bowls and plates, everything you need. Prepare dozens of lifelike ingredients – from vegetables through fish to steaks and poultry – to cook over 60 real dishes, or anything you like.

Chloe is currently reviewing the game, so keep an eye on the site.

Zenge – May 14

Zenge is a peculiar puzzle game, telling the story of Eon – a lonely journeyman who’s stuck between the worlds and time. The game is intended to be a relaxing experience, so there are no points, stars, tutorials, move counters, in-game shops or any other distractors. Just pure, immersive journey with Eon, told through gorgeous art and music.

Paula is puzzling her way through the game, so you can expect her review on the site.

Emma: Lost in Memories – May 15

Poetic, surrealistic and melancholic, EMMA: Lost in Memories offers a unique experience in a strange and dangerous world where walls fade away as you touch them. The main character, Emma, is young, vibrant and intriguing: she leaves her home following an owl, and soon loses herself in a world which she slowly finds more and more dangerous. 

This is an endless runner with minimalistic 2D artistic style completely drawn by hand.

See what James thought of the game here. 

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix – May 15

Take the stage! The hit rhythm game series returns with exciting new features:

  • Mix it up and choose from two playable modes: traditional button control-based Arcade Mode or the new motion control-based Mix Mode. Featuring fan-favorite classics and new hits, choose from over 100 songs for endless rhythm fun!
  • Take advantage of new customization features! Choose from over 300 costumes, and design custom T-shirts in the new T-shirt editor.
  • Create playlists for your favorite music videos!

No matter where or when, her music will be sure to reach your heart!

Cannibal Cuisine – May 20

A chaotic couch co-op cooking game with a cannibal twist!1-4 players hunt tourists through jungles, temples and volcanoes to feed the cannibal gods. Fine DIEning!

The god Hoochooboo is hungry… for you. But as all good cannibal cooks know, serving is better than being served. Cook your way through 20+ levels in a full campaign across the island. Visit the jungle, temples, beaches and a lavalicious volcano!

James has made his review for the game here!

Myths of Orion – May 21

Long time ago, in a Realm of Orion, a powerful, but greedy wizard collected knowledge from all around the world. And thus came to write the three Books: books of Knowledge, Law and Magic.The books gave him ultimate powers. But, he used them not to prosper, but for chaos!

One day the mighty enchantress Salina gathered all of her strength and courage and stole the Books from the Wizard.
Under the cover of a night, she took the Books and her child, baby Meredith, and ran far, far away to the North, to her sister Ariel’s house – at the very edge of the world. She could only hope the Wizard wouldn’t find them there. And so, the years and decades passed by… until one day…

Abbi is taking a look at this point and click adventure now!

Fly Punch Boom – May 28

The WILDEST ANIME FIGHT. Fly super fast, smash your friends through skyscrapers and break the planet with one punch! 1-4 players local & 2 online.

FLY PUNCH BOOM! is everything you’ve seen in your favorite anime fights.

Smash your friends so hard whole planets break in half. Ram skyscrapers, whales and asteroids in their face, chase them and unleash over-the-top super moves. It’s all about the joy of punching!

James’ review is here.

Bug Fables: the Everlasting Sapling – May 28

Hidden within the foliage of nature lies a small but prosperous continent – Bugaria. You didn’t know that, did you? Insects from all over the world travel there in search of treasure scattered across it. The most sought after of these relics is The Everlasting Sapling. Eating just one of its leaves can even grant immortality! Upon decree of the Ant Queen, a brave team of explorers – Vi, Kabbu, and Leif – will travel across many different environments in search of this ancient artifact. In order to do so, they must work together to solve riddles, defeat strong enemies and help the bug populace!

Follow the three charming heroes in this adventure RPG as the game comes to the Switch on May 28. They embark on this epic quest in Bugaria in search of treasure and immortality.

Turmoil – May 28

Turmoil offers players a visually charming, tongue-in-cheek take on the simulation genre inspired by the 19th century oil rush in North America.

Get a taste of the rush and rivalry of the time as you earn your way to become a successful oil entrepreneur. As you make money digging up and selling oil, the town will grow along with you.

Lease land at the town auction and search for oil. Build a rig, create an efficient pipe network and bring up the oil to store it in silos. Sell the oil at the best times to maximize profits. Then buy essential upgrades in town to cope with rock, gas and ice. Acquire more town shares than your competitors in a bid to become the new mayor.

Paula is reviewing the game right now!

Atomicrops – May 28

Atomicrops is an action-packed roguelike farming simulator in which you must cultivate and defend the last farm in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Armed with a hoe, watering pail, and fully automatic weapon, you’ll grow ultra-GMO crops to feed your town and make a hefty profit, guard your land from mutant pests and bandits, and court and wed townsfolk to fight and farm by your side.

Now this looks like a very different farming game right?

Ash has reviewed the Switch version here.

Atomicrops Ladiesgamers.com

Adam’s Adventure Origins – May 29

On May 29 SOEDESCO is bringing us Adam’s Venture: Origins as digital download. The physical release is postponed to a later date due to the current global developments related to COVID-19.

Adam, is a young man with a truly adventurous spirit. Raised by his theologian father George, Adam loved the tales he was told about ancient artifacts and the secret of Eden. Given his restless spirit, when his father hired Adam as a research assistant, he quickly found a way to turn this dusty old job around and became an adventurer. Accompanied by his trusted companion Evelyn, an independent woman with an Oxford degree in history, they venture off to discover the secret of Eden.Set in the roaring 20’s, you set out to explore ancient ruins and solve ingenious puzzles to find mysterious locales. As you travel to unique locations, you’re opposed by the evil Clairvaux company, who’s intentions for exploring artifacts could unleash chaos around the world.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition – May 29

Discover the origins of Shulk in this RPG as he and his companions clash against a seemingly-unstoppable mechanical menace. Wield a future-seeing blade, chain together attacks, and carefully position your party members in strategic, real-time combat as you journey across a massive world.

During an attack from the mechanical invaders known as the Mechon, Shulk discovers that he can tap into the full power of a mysterious blade known as the Monado. With the mighty Monado in hand, Shulk sets out to defeat the Mechon once and for all.

In addition to the Mechon, you’ll run into wildlife that ranges from docile to deadly. Keep an eye on what attracts monsters’ attention to avoid unwanted conflict…or try your hand at bringing down an ultra-powerful Unique Monster.

Despotism 3K – May 29

Exploit puny humans to extract power and build your own empire! You’ll have to keep track of them to make sure they don’t succumb to exhaustion and hunger… although the weakest ones can always be thrown to the Bioreactor.

In other words, this is a resource management sim with rogue-lite elements, dramatic plot, and an abundance of pop culture references.

Rio has checked out whether she can manage this game, read her review here. 

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