Collaboration Animal Crossing and Build-a-Bear

In the past (you know, that time when going on a holiday was still possible) it was our most favourite time of the year. I imagine we weren’t the only ones! We loved planning our road trips in the United States for many months, until it was finally time to go.

Why am I bringing this up? As one of our best memories was our daughter making her very first Bear at Build-a-Bear, a concept that we had never seen before in the Netherlands. She kissed the little heart that went in Brownie (as she called him) and we decked it out with cute little dresses.

That was 16 years ago, and even now, this news brings joy to our day. There’s not much to tell yet. I don’t know which animals will make it through the doors of the Build-a-Bear Workshop, but still, exiting news! You can sign up (see link below) for their news mail.


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