A new year…no resolutions

It’s Monday and the first “normal” day of 2015. Like many of you it’s back to work for me after a very nice holiday, or back to school for some of you. Now people who know me in real life will tell you that I’m awful at Mondays. Depending on the length of the weekend or holiday before said Monday, I am either a bit sad about the nice weekend that flew by and came to an end much too soon, or just plain obstinate because my long awaited holiday has come to an end. They know that it’s best to just leave me alone in the morning, by lunchtime I will have recovered to be my normal self. But for now I’m just sitting here at breakfast, and I was wondering how I’m going to get through this first day. Which made me decide to write this blog just because writing always makes me happy!

Some people have asked me what my New Years resolutions are. My answer is always short: I don’t make resolutions. In the past I made the usual kind of resolutions, like finally losing weight and to go through life as a much thinner version of my current self. Or doing more exercising, but I still haven’t found any kind of sport activity that I really like. So, no resolutions for me, I just think back on all the things I’ve done in the past year, and try to keep doing the things that gave me energy!  And one of those things is blogging.

Why do I like blogging so much, why don’t I just write my thoughts in a personal diary and keep them to myself? Like I said in the “About me” section, I can talk gaming until I’m blue in the face. I’ve started playing video games relatively late in life, when I was 42 years old, and it has developed into a passion for all things gaming. I took up writing about it to spare my friends and family, as I feel the need to share my thoughts, and they don’t really understand why someone of my age should want to play games. Still, I could have kept my writings to myself, so why do I share them in my blog? Because one of the great joys of gaming for me is meeting new people. I blog about Nintendo games that grab my attention, or App games that I like. And sometimes there’s the odd random thought thrown in, like this blog, about gaming in general. In this upcoming year I might just involve myself into getting to know the PS Vita, see how I like gaming on the go on that device.

Gaming, and this blog, has brought some wonderful people into my life. That’s what gives me energy!


  1. Happy (belated) New Year from Germany! (^__^)/

    The first paragraph made me go “Wow”, because it describes really well how I often feel. I usually need a few hours to get back into the groove again.

    Anyway, I just started reading your blog and I just wanted to say that I really like it!
    It’s got a very positive attitude and you can tell that you truly like games.

    That’s just what I felt when reading through the entries and wanted to share it here as my first comment on this blog.

    Best wishes! ^______^

    1. Thank you for for kind comments, and happy new year to you too! You’ve got yourself a nice username in Japanese!

      And you know, about the Monday mornings, not a lot of people understand, they don’t get it why I’m so grouchy at all at those times!

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