Aamir on Games played during 2019 and Upcoming Ones for 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely year. I would like to just go over a handful of the games that I played during 2019, and then the ones I am really looking forward to in 2020. All of these are for the Nintendo Switch.

What I Played During 2019:

I didn’t play many new releases during 2019, oddly. One 2019 game that I did like, however, was Tangledeep, a good little indie game that surprised me, as I hadn’t really heard of it before. (I particularly like playing as a Budoka, an unarmed martial artist.) I also played many hours of Into The Breach (2018), a game which focuses on fighting off creatures using strategy — it’s actually the game I have played the most out of everything on my Switch. (Read a review here.) More recently, I finally picked up Moonlighter (2018) during a sale (where you run a shop and scavenge for items in dangerous areas), and I’m having fun with this too, even if I struggle in places. The review for that one is right here.

There is one game from 2019 that I missed out on and will make sure to play at some point — Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It has been received very well, and it looks like something I’d like to try.

Some of the 2020 Games I Want to Play:

To the Moon:


I was interested in this game quite a long time ago, but I never managed to play it properly (only the beginning section on the PC). It is coming to the Switch now, however, and it’s definitely something that I’m going to pick up. It seems to focus on a dying person and their last wishes, which sounds quite grim but interesting. You can grab it on the 16th of January.

Xenoblade Chronicles – Definitive Edition:

While the sequel to this game doesn’t interest me, I must say that I really do want to pick the original game up now that it is coming to the Switch. I actually don’t know much about the narrative at all, but I do recall hearing things that have made me curious. The opening screen alone is lovely, with its soft music and artistic visuals. Look at the picture above, too; the game looks gorgeous. I just hope that we get the option for Japanese voice acting with English subtitles.

Sports Story:


I liked playing Golf Story, by Sidebar Games. It was good fun, with amusing dialogue. I’m not entirely sold on the premise of this one — I wanted something a bit fresher for a follow-up game — but I’m certain that it will be worth playing when I consider how good their first game was.

Heaven’s Vault:

I’ve been curious about this game for a while. I thought 80 Days, from the same studio, was one of the best indie games I’ve played, with surprisingly sharp, interesting writing. While the former game focused on traveling, this one is about archaeology. If this is anything near as good as 80 Days, I think I’ll have a fun time with it.

There is also Eastward (the PC demo was covered on this site recently), and CrossCode, the latter being something that I have been wanting to play since the port announcement a long time ago.

How were your game experiences in 2019, and what are you excited to play in 2020? Comment below!

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