Animal Crossing New Horizons new trailer

I know, this isn’t exactly piping hot news, but at LadiesGamers a lot of the writers in our team are counting the days till March 20. So, this brand new trailer has to be shared here too!

Nintendo is surely deliberately parsing out the info on New Horizons. This short trailer doesn’t give us much to work with, but it did make me smile and bring back a lovely memory. What a cute and clever way to present it to us! Tom Nook roping his audience in for timeshare holiday!

Timeshare memories

Now for the lovely memory it brought back. Years and years ago I was on holiday with my parents to Gran Canaria. At the time our favorite destination of sun, sand, good food and great fun. Strolling along the boulevard a guy tried roping us in with a proposal for buying a timeshare on the island. He said: “no strings attached, you just have to go to the new property that’s almost completed in the hills. We will pay for the taxi, there’s good food and drinks and you just have to attend the presentation.”

My father was enthusiastic, he said “let’s do this! It’ll be a nice outing, and it won’t cost us a dime!” Can’t believe in hindsight that we went, but we were with a couple of families together so my parents must have felt there was little danger. And there wasn’t. We had a fun day out, listened to the enticing info presented and my dad fended off all attempts to make us buy two weeks of timeshare in the newly built complex.

Tom Nooks attempt at selling his holiday package reminded me of this, and looking at the enthusiastic reactions in his audience, I’m pretty sure the little business man is having a lot more succes!

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