Another Jonah Style Weekend Ramble

It’s the weekend! I’ve had a busy week with family, work, playing the odd game, and testing a few things on site. Of course, the weekend is equally busy for me, but I thought I would take time to list some highlights of the week.

Quad-Fighter K

I was privileged this week to receive a review code for Quad Fighter K. I love anything Retro and the team at happygames have developed a title that replicates 8bit gaming really well. Obviously this title isn’t for everyone, but if you love video game nostaliga then check out my review.

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

This game is so punishing! I’ve reached the final boss of world 6, and as always, he provides a great challange. As with any DKTF boss, I’m sure I’ll be able to defeat him once I get my timing right, but the game can be so frustrating! Once finished though, at least I’ll be able to enjoy a great sense of achievement. Perhaps then I’ll be able to play Cranky Mode which is often dubbed easy mode. Something tells me that even Cranky mode will provide plenty of challange for the average gamer.

Getting Ready for E3

Are you ready for the E3 hype?  Being a Nintendo fan, the big highlight will be Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct and further news that filters out of Nintendo Tree House Live.  I’m sure there are fans of other systems reading this, and even though I care little about Sony and Microsoft systems, I trust you will be pleased by upcomming announcements.

I’ve actually been working on a little LadiesGamers feature which I hope will be made available for the Direct, but I can’t promise anything just yet, because either myself or Yvonne needs to be free in order to make it happen.  The show is due to start at 5pm (BST), so I should be around to help, but watch this space.

Have a great weekend!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, the staff at wish you a great time with family, friends and the odd game.  Let us know your gaming plans below in the coment section.


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