YvoCaro’s E3: EA doesn’t want to earn money

I felt it a nice idea to jot down my thoughts on the E3 every day, detailing whether or not there’s some handheld goodies announced. Of course as you might have come to expect from me, I’ll focus mainly on the casual good looking games. But there might be other interesting games added to that too!

Well, this years E3 is underway, started on the morning of Saturday June 9, with a press event from EA games. As a handheld gamer I confess I have my hopes pinned on Nintendo, but the Nintendo Direct won’t take place until coming Tuesday. So let’s look at the other gaming companies as well.

Sea of Solitude

EA had games that will interest the more hardcore gamer. Think games like Battlefield V, Command and Conquer on mobile, FIFA 19 ( yes, on the Switch too) and Anthem. But there was another side of gaming represented too, like Sea of Solitude and Unravel Two.

Sea of Solitude might not be casual or cute in any way though. Developed by German studio Jo-Mei Games, the game is all about depression and loneliness. It looks deep and disturbing, but the concept is something lots of people will recognise. This is the description:

” When humans get too lonely, they turn into monsters. That’s what happened to Kay. Now only monsters can change her back.” 

But the thing is…the game will only come to PS4, Xbox and PC.

Unraveled Two

And then there’s Unraveled Two. Like in Unraveled (the first game) it revolves around Yarnys, and it looks cute as a button. Developed by Swedish indie Coldwood Interactive, this sequel is another story of a living ball of yarn which uses its own thread to manipulate the world and solve puzzles. But unlike in the first game, there are two Yarnys now, with puzzles that need them to work together.

It’s a platformer, with lots of wall jumps, swinging moves and carefully timed executions. There are also enemies to avoid, which come in the form of shadows, which must be avoided. A spark leads the player through early puzzles.

The Yarnys can be controlled by one or two players, and I can practically hear you thinking: That will so perfect on the Switch! Two joy cons to share, even playing with your friends on the go.

Here’s the thing though: it is available to play now on PS4, Xbox and PC for the price of $ 19,99. And not on the Switch! What the heck! The Switch would have been a natural choice for the game!

I really don’t understand the choice of EA to skip the Switch for this one, I’ve read it isn’t such a demanding game graphically either. Indie developers are flocking to the hybrid console, even for a company like EA, there’s money to be generated. Baffling! Are there political inter-company frictions that we don’t know about?

All I can say is: once again, no EA game for me!



  1. Perhaps EA are saving its Nintendo announcements for the Direct on Tuesday. I think there has been some friction between both companies in the past.

  2. Watch some trailer of Sea of Solitude yesterday, interested but not sure if I am in the “excited, will stalked the Dev/Pub till it release” (like I do with mineko’s night market, Moonlighter, My time at Portia, Re: Legend, Raji an ancient epic) zone.

    Unraveled….. I kept saying I want to play it…. saw it on sales a few time, say will get it…… still have to get it and play… Guess I am not sure if I am excited about “TWO” now, lol!

          1. I now check out Square Enix Collective to find out games (indies). If None of the big shot wants to promote developers, I just have to hunt them down myself, lol!

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