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Cities: Skylines Financial Districts and Map Pack 2 Preview

Preview code used with many thanks to Johnny Atom.

Colossal Order developers of Cities: Skylines have released a new mini-expansion, Financial Districts, for the game. Along with a new paid Content Creator Pack: Map Pack 2 contains ten new maps and a free update available for all players.

Financial Districts Mini-expansion

Cities: Skylines Financial Districts LadiesGamers
Stock Exchange

As the name implies, the new mini-expansion allows you to zone a Financial district in your city using the district zoning tool. The pack contains 72 New Office Buildings, a Bank City Service, an International Trade Building and four new Plazas.

Big Town Milestone

Cities: Skylines Financial Districts LadiesGamers
new plazas

Once you hit the Big Town milestone, the Financial district unlocks. The Stock Exchange building is found in the Unique buildings tab. Furthermore, the Stock Exchange isn’t just for decoration; it has a function; you can buy and sell shares and raise your city’s income. Once you invest in stocks and make some cash, the level of the Stock Exchange increases to level 5, which provides a tax bonus to any surrounding buildings of the new Financial Offices specialization.

Some of the new Financial Offices

I love the look of the new Financial Offices buildings, especially the Stock Exchange. It comes in three different variations, which you can change by clicking the icon on the right-hand corner of the info panel that pops up when you click on the Stock Exchange. It’s great to see Colossal Order giving players a choice on the shape, design and colour of the building they have in their cities.

Stock Exchange

LadiesGamers Cities: Skylines Financial Districts
Bank office buildings

Using the Stock Exchange building menu, you can buy a share in 13 different Investment categories. For example, in the new investment economy panel, you can buy shares in generic industrial or traffic logistics or take a chance on The Very Legit Company. Then, as your financial district grows and brings in a profit, you unlock further investments such as death care and healthcare to make some money.

Cities: Skylines Financial Districts LadiesGamers
Buy and sell shares

I like the Financial District, it adds a lot to your city, and the downtown looks much more life-like. Also, security transport appears on your city roads as they move cash from bank to bank.

In addition, the Financial mini-expansion also includes five new maps. Gray Waters, Narrow Passage, River Terrace, Windblown Coast, and Wyvern Pass. Each map is based on the usual themes of Boreal, Desert, Tropical, and Temperate. New maps to the game are always a welcome addtion; I’m keen to try them all out.

Content Creator Pack: Map Pack 2

Cities: Skylines Financial Districts LadiesGamers
New map

A new content creators’ map pack has also been released, which includes ten new maps by creator Sidai. There are two Boreal, four European Maps, two Temperate Maps and two Tropical Maps. All look fantastic with lots of possibilities to build a great city on.

Finally, also released is a free update for all players and DLCs owners. This update includes six New Colour Corrections and 5 New Pets for your cims.

Colour Corrections

change the colour of the game

The new Colour Corrections change the look of the game. They are: Cold, Dark, Faded, Neutral, Vibrant and Warm. They can be found in the graphics setting menu. I like them, especially the vibrant correction, as it makes the colours pop.

All packs were released on the 13th of December, 2022. You can find the Steam page here for the Financial District Mini-Expansion.

You can find the Steam page here if you are interested in the Content Creator Pack: Map Pack 2. 




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