Feature series: Jonah’s favorite Animal Crossing memories

An old Picture of Jonah and Les (Mum) in Wy Town.

My first Animal Crossing title was Wild World for Nintendo DS.  It was at that time the game everyone seemed to be raving about, so I imported my retail copy from the US.  I’m not sure what I called my town back then for I must confess, the game didn’t grip me all that much.  Mario Kart DS was my favourite title at that time and AC didn’t get much of a look in.

The first AC title I really enjoyed was the much maligned Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii.  The game looked much cleaner, I enjoyed playing on the bigger screen, and I have great memories of spending time with friends in WoN Town.  Animal Crossing City Folk was released around the same period I left Jersey, and so I was able to play it a lot in what was a 6 month transition for both myself and family.  Christmas 2008 is a period that sticks to mind because WoN Town enjoyed so many visits, and I still have photo montages available with pictures from that period.

It was thanks to City Folk that I started to learn a little about Hybrids thanks to the mysterious Timmo and Les.  It was Les that helped me turn one of the available homes into a church for WoN Town.

My favourite feature in City Folk was the ability to send gifts to other players via Wii Connect 24.  Below, I’ve added yet another video that records a precious Animal Crossing moment.

Les was such a dear friend of mine that I adopted her as my internet Mum.  On one occasion, she sent me a painting for my museum, without knowing if the painting was legitimate or not.  Thanks to a DVD recorder at the time, I was able to record the moment that Blathers  declared the painting to be genuine!  This is without doubt my favourite moment in video gaming, and I’m thrilled to still have a video record of it.

O yes!  It was City Folk that included Wii Speak as a feature!  Granted the quality wasn’t great but it worked!  Nintendo first toyed with VOIP for home consoles just under 10 years ago!  Why didn’t this feature make it into New Leaf as well?

Actually, the more I consider it, City Folk was a pretty good game!  Why wasn’t it appreciated more at the time?  Perhaps we can discuss that in the comment section below.

Thanks for putting up with my Animal Crossing ramblings!  I shall conclude this post with yet another photo montage.


  1. I loved CF too! It might even have been my favorite. I loved the online feature. The mic that came with the game was amazing! Sometimes my friends and i just had the game running, so we could hear each other just doing what we do in our room. Almost as if we were together. There was also one New Years we celebrated together like that 🙂 You could just sit in the room and talk normally, and they all would hear you like you were in their room. Best mic i’ve had so far. Too bad i can’t use it for my pc 😀

  2. Thanks for your comment Marise. 🙂 This trip down memory lane makes me feel like booting the game back up. 🙂 It’s a shame that it no longer enjoys internet support.

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