Freeloading in Story of Seasons Trio of Towns

Surely you recognize this: a very busy day at work, with all kinds of challenges and deadlines. Travelling home by train or car, trying to get through traffic or squeezing yourself into a train cabin that is already pretty full of other people trying to get home.  At home, the task of cooking dinner waits, or if I’m lucky, my husband has already made sure we have some healthy food. Cleaning up, walking the dog, making sure I have my 10.000 steps.

I can tell you that by the time all is done and I can sit down with a cup of coffee, I’m pretty tired. And I should imagine most of you have the same experience! So what do I do while I plop down? I play Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns! Making my little character very tired indeed. After all, she runs around all day trying to get all chores done!

This game, released in the year of the 20th anniversary of the Harvest Moon game series, is another solid entry. It takes all the good things that have been added over the years, and has added some more. I’m loving my time spent getting to know the three towns, West Town, Lulukoko Village and Tsuyukusa Town. As the game series is getting bigger and more developed there’s also more and more to do in the game.

There really is no way that my YvoCaro can cram it all in one day, even at these early stages I am in. The game lets you choose whether you want to play as a veteran or as a seedling. Thanking it would save me a lot of unnecessary explanations I chose Veteran, but this also means that she looses double the stamina when using her tools.SoS Trio of towns

By the time she has taken care of her one cow, her one chicken and has watered and fertilized her fields she is nearing exhaustion. At 9 am in the morning! Sure, she can eat her own produce if I want to get more stamina again, but as money is tight, I don’t want to squander away everything she has painstakingly grown. So, I have developed a great method to replenish her hearts, for free!

Every morning, after doing her chores, she runs into Lulukoko village. And right on the dot, at 10 am, when the shops close for the siesta, she enters Caolila and Zahou’s house. You see, they sit down for lunch at that time, and when YvoCaro talks to them, they kindly invite her to join them!

They chat a little and by the time lunch is done, her stamina is full. What’s more, they seem to enjoy YvoCaro’s company! Great benefits all around. Though I do wonder if there’s talk behind YvoCaro’s back about all the freeloading she has been doing!SoS Freeloading


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