From Steam to Switch: My Time at Portia is making progress!

Even though the Nintendo Switch has a huge library already, I still feel that more simulation games could be added. Sim games combined with RPG, Crafting or Questing are perfect in my opinion and I haven’t found many yet that fit the description.

In the series From Steam to Switch I highlight games that are on Steam but would really be good additions to the hybrid handheld console. The games that have already been highlighted are found on the page From Steam to Switch. 

Kickstarter My Time at Portia has left Early Access

Great news for the people who have been following My Time at Portia. I have backed the game in kickstarter funding, as it promised to be everything I want in game. 3,708 backers pledged $146,697 to bring the game to life. Pathea Games, an indie game studio based in Chongqing, China did really well!

The game has been in Early Access on Steam and is available for real now. Since January 15 it’s left Early Access and can be bought in the Steam Shop for £24.99 | $29.99 | €29.99.

The beauty of it is that this means the Switch release is on the horizon too. Team 17, who is publishing the game, wrote that it’ll come to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One this Spring. Can’t wait!

A little bit more about the game

You inherit a workshop at the start of the game, and by collecting resources and completing commissions for the townspeople you try to grow your workshop. It’s your home too, and can be upgraded into a bigger house, adding more rooms to hold all the furniture you manage to collect. The key to succeeding will be your relationship to the townspeople.

You can farm in the game, but not the kind were you have to water your crops everyday. Like in HM: an Innocent Life you’ll be able to use a semi-automatic irrigation system. I like that, no need to make the farming so time consuming. You can mine in abandoned dungeons and forage for the other stuff you need in your workshop. There’s fishing too, in rivers, swamps and even on a tropical island. All this farming and fishing comes in handy because the game will have cooking too.

But it’s not all about the sim-life: the game has enemies too in Hazardous Dungeons with boss battles on every level. You can toughen yourself up by sparring with your neighbors, although I don’t know it’s a good idea to beat up the elderly lady in town. And, in Animal Crossing style, the game will have several holidays and events throughout the year. For instance, the Day of the Bright Sun, when presents are dropped from an airship.

Sounds good, right?


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