Game of the Month February

After the month of January, where I had to admit that there was no new Game of the Month to choose, I’m facing much the same problem this month. Yes, I played a lot. Hours and hours of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Checking in daily in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Even checking in regularly in MiiTomo, to make the most of the nice images I can make of my Mii.

At the beginning of February a game that was already well known to me was released on the Switch. Dragon Quest Builders reached an entire new audience: it used to be available only on PS4 and the Vita, and now it came to a Nintendo device.

I decided to re-publish the review I made for the Vita version of the game, and just like that I was hooked again. Reading my own words I decided to go back where I had left the game, and dive back into Chapter 3. (Read my review here)

What an amazing combination of building, gathering, questing and RPG. All packaged in good visuals, smooth gameplay on handheld mode and witty writing. Even though this game made it to Game of the Month before, this is such a unique situation. For many people it’s their first experience with this adventure.

And so, I decided that Dragon Quest Builders will once again be Game of the Month February!

What was your most favourite game this month? Did you play anything new, or did you revisit an old friend?

Let’s look back on which games made it to Game of the Month February before!

2015: Sorcery! on mobile
(My game of the month: February 2015)

The story is told using pieces of text describing the tale based upon the choices you make. My warrior started her journey in Analand in search of the legendary crown of Kings. She got a spellbook, some battle training and a bag of gold and lots of good advice before she went through the gates into hostile territory.

It’s much like reading a Fantasy novel, only the decisions you make in the game, affect the storyline. And of course, there are the beautiful drawings as well. By now, there is Sorcery 2 and 3 as well. You can find my thoughts on the game here. 

2016: Digimon Story cyber Sleuth on the Vita
(Game of the Month February 2016)

In this game you log into EDEN, a chat room where you can meet other online friends, a teenage boy Arata and girl Nokia. They are in wonder about EDEN, a mecca for shopping but also a haven for hacker groups. The trio meet and befriend a couple of Digimon, when at last they encounter one terrifying creature that scares them so much they flee.

Your character is attacked in mid-logout, she returned to the real world, but her body was digital now. A cyber detective named Kyoko rescues her from a frightened crowd that is swirling around wondering what the heck is going on, and recruits her as an apprentice. This is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, as hackers are taking over portions of the real world where the data devouring Eaters are posing a real threat.

You can find my review for the game here. 


2017: Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile
(Game of the Month February 2017)

One of Nintendo’s mobile games, and I think they did a great job at it. I love playing the 3DS versions of Fire Emblem, love the story telling, but mainly the strategic battles that have so many things to think about and sometimes take half an hour to complete.

Of course, the mobile version has battles on a much smaller scale, and it has less customisation options. On the other hand, part of the fun is in collecting of heroes. Plus, playing the storyline is pretty rewarding in itself. The nice thing about these freemium mobile games is that you can decide how much money you put in for yourself.

If you have never played it before, here’s my Fire Emblem for Noobs, to get you started.



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