Game of the Month: November 

It’s been a crazy gaming month: this month alone I seem to have accumulated a backlog that will keep me busy for months to come. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself! But all of them seemed just too got an opportunity to pass up.Code Realize, Guardians of Rebirth, Otome,

The PS Vita got the most action this month. I was fortunate to do some reviews for Aksys Games. Because of that I had my first experience with Otome novels which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you’ve seen my review of Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth on the Vita it will come as no surprise that this Otome Visual Novel is my game of the month November. I love reading books and I love playing video games, and to me this game combined the best of both worlds. I was literally glued to the screen!

Yokai classesOn the American 3DS Yo-Kai Watch was released in the US; still, after playing it in Japanese first it was an enjoyable experience, nice to be able to read all the things the Yo-Kai were saying. It seems that a lot of Pokémon fans aren’t into this game, which comes as a surprise for me. Both game franchises can exist very well together. True, they are alike in the collecting of monsters part but other than that I don’t see that many similarities. The battles are quite different, the story and the graphics for both games are unique. There’s only one thing that’s annoying about this game, and that is that you are frequently lost until you get the upgrade to travel through mirrors. The maps are so vast, and despite the red arrow pointing you where to go next to progress the story, it’s difficult to find locations where you have to do the various challenges. I had the same problem with Fantasy Life, could never find the people that had given me quests.

style-savvy, style boutique, 3ds games, designingAfter a long hibernation the European 3DS was awakened when New Style Boutique 2 ~ Fashion Forward was released on the 20th of November in Europe. Surprisingly enough still no news of a release of Style Savvy 3 in the US, apparently Nintendo isn’t sure yet if there are enough people wanting to play the game. I had really been looking forward to it, but I haven’t had much chance yet to play. What I did notice however is the long time it takes in the game to unlock everything. At least it left me wondering if I could be interested long enough to unlock it all. Because there’s no question about it, there is a lot of stuff going on in the game. NintendoLife even gave it a 9 out of 10 in their review!

Atelier Ayesha, Nio, Gust, Ladiesgamers.comI have so many other great games on the Vita waiting for me, that I can’t wait to play. A couple of weeks ago I had downloaded Atelier Ayesha – The Alchemist of Dusk at a reduced price. And this Black Friday weekend Sony had some amazing deals for me: Atelier Totori Plus – the Adventurer of Arland at only €10,– and Persona 4 Golden for only € 12,–. Now how can I resist those kind of prices for games that I had been on the lookout for?

If only I had Hermione’s Granger Time Turner to get me some more time to play!


  1. Great deal on those Vita games! Persona 4 is one of my favourite games. I’m looking forward to hear what you think about it.

    Congrats on your game of the month. I’ve been wanting to try a visual novel for quite some time now, but I have yet to find a game I can take as a starting point.

    Happy gaming!

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