Game of the Month September

September has come and gone already. I’ve been home from my holiday to Hawaii for 5 weeks now, and the restlessness when it comes to gaming is still there. Strange how this works. In the beginning I could hardly bring myself to pick up any game at all, but I’ve improved: games in general hold my interest again. No problem keeping up to date with the gaming news. But as it’s always been my motto to game where the mood takes me, it’s kinda hard to focus on anything while I’m not into the gaming frenzy.

So what did I play? The PS Vita didn’t get any attention at all, I haven’t played on the device since Atelier Firis. And with my main interests are now being announced for the Switch, I do wonder if the Vita will slowly fade from my gaming appetite. Which would be a pity, as it’s such a great device!

I played a bit of Breath of the Wild, but not much. Still in Goron city, preparing to tackle the next Divine Beast and dreading it at the same time. I know I’m procrastinating but I just can’t help myself. With this game though, I’m pretty sure the mood will find me again.

My iPad and iPhone did see some action.
I played AR Dragon, a title on mobile that gives you your own pocket dragon. I had my little Tamagotchi in the 90’s, keeping the little bleep alive for weeks. This dragon is your modern day Tamagotchi, seeing the realistic looking pet on your desk right before your eyes is fun. Of course it comes with all the guilt and urge to check in regularly (we wouldn’t want little Scotty to go hungry, now would we?) but it doesn’t require a lot of time. In fact, the Tamagotchi was much more unforgiving! I check in on this dragon twice a day, which seems to satisfy it’s needs.

The other mobile game that I played was Little Alchemy 2, a title that I’d never heard of before. I assume there must have been an Alchemy 1, but that one never bleeped on my radar. It’s a strangely addictive app, giving you the basic elements of the world and enticing you to combine them to get new elements. Sometimes it’s just logic (“mud” and  “fire” makes a “brick”) but others are more of a fun kind of combining. I mean, “Human” and “wheel” doesn’t make a cyclist…you’d need at least two wheels, lol. But it’s a fun little time waster, sometimes mindlessly trying all the possible combinations give unexpected results.

My 3DS saw a lot of action, playing Monster Hunter Stories. A year ago I played the Japanese demo and knew that I really wanted the English version. When it was released on September 8 I immediately downloaded it, and was not disappointed. A good combination of the monster collecting genre with an RPG with a good story-line. Loads to do in the game and colorful good visuals make it my Game of the Month September.Monster Hunter Stories


  1. I had forgotten all about Little Alchemy, played it abit back in 2010. I didn’t know there was a Little Alchemy 2. It is a time killer.

    I’m making slow but steady progress in Monster Hunter Stories. I often feel lost and/or overwhelmed with everything and I haven’t found a real good website for knowledge.

    I feel the same way with Rune Factory 4. I know the Japanese got huge playing guides for both of these games, wish we would too. If I thought I could get my hands on the Japanese versions (for a reasonable price), I’d buy them just to look at them and hopefully figure some things out. 🙁

    1. I do get what you’re saying. For instance, after I downloaded the DLC for the Zelda items I couldn’t figure out where to get them. IGN had some info about that. I think there is just so much to do that you get lost. I know I don’t remember half of all the things that you can potentially do. For now, I’m just following the storyline! Did you check if there’s a good Facebook group for the game? That might help!

        1. Hmm, I do understand I think. Like baddanimal wrote in the comments, the game can be a bit confusing. There’s so, so much to do that it’s hard to keep track of it. I know I can’t, but that’s because I’m not playing it with a passion…a bit in a gaming slump at the moment.

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