Gaming News for the Weekend

It’s that time again, time for the weekend gaming news! This week, we’ve got news about The Stretchers coming out of nowhere, Fire Emblem DLC and update, a launch trailer for Layton’s Mystery Journey, that is the special edition on Switch and origami-based puzzle game Kamiori.

Fire Emblem DLC and update

Fire Emblem Three Houses has new DLC: Expansion Pass Wave 3 DLC is now available. On top of that, the game has just been updated to version 1.1.0. The new DLC allows you to recruit Anna, obtain a new sauna, and gain the ability to interact with animals through new quests. You can also get Maid and butler battalions and new types of attire for most of the students.

The update was to increase the number of save files from 5 to 25,  it added a new option in Battle where you can select the monastery outfits in Appearance Options and more. Aside from extras a few glitches were tackled too.

The Stretchers coming out of nowhere

Nintendo has done it again. They suddenly released a game with no fanfare or announcements. The Stretchers is now available through the Nintendo Switch eShop ( £17.99/$19.99/ €19,99). The game will surely be a hoot at parties, I can already see the funny situations when trying to handle a stretcher when you and your friend each have a JoyCon.

The Stretchers follows two paramedics who have to take on various missions to save injured people, Dizzies, who have been hurt as a result of Captain Brain’s nefarious schemes. Captain Brains, of course, is a moustachioed man with a technologically-advanced top hat that makes people dizzy. In each level, you’ll need to work together to overcome obstacles like trees, locked doors, and trampolines to reach the injured people and get them to your ambulance. Doing well gets you points and the chance to get hidden treasures, and you can customize your medics and their home base after performing well.

Katrielle’s DeLuxe Edition

Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires’ Conspiracy – Deluxe Edition has launched on Nintendo Switch. Remember that this game was available before on the 3DS, but this edition is the first Layton adventure on the Switch. It includes enhanced visuals and redesigned puzzles created specifically for the console.

You can catch the launch trailer for the game up below.

Origami based Kamiori announced for Switch

Always intriguing, Origami. And to see the art of it used in a puzzle game looks pretty good. Mobile game Kamiori is already available on mobile in Japanese and English, and now Hanaji Games have announced the origami-based puzzle game for Nintendo Switch. They hope to complete the port within the next year and then develop new games for Switch. For now, there’s just the mobile version, but the promo-video below looks pretty good!

Thanks to Japanese Nintendo for this snippet of news!


That’s it from us for now, happy gaming weekend everyone!

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