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Gaming News Week 36

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

No sooner had I written last week that Autumn had knocked on our door when it turned out Summer wasn’t ready with us. A genuine heatwave is going on, with week-long temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius….Not my cup of tea, but we will make do!

Anyway, here’s this week’s news.

Fresh Start Coming to Switch

Although I don’t like cleaning in real life, cleaning in Fresh Start had me glued to the screen. There’s something so satisfying about washing all the muck and rubbish away and giving the animals their beautiful habitat back. There are no big challenges; just getting in the zone of cleaning and watching everything look lovely again.

I reviewed the game on Steam and am happy to report Fresh Start will come to the Nintendo Switch (and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) on September 14th.

Minuto, Mathematical Puzzle

As you might have noticed, we like a good logic puzzle from time to time. It’s so interesting to see that Minuto-Galactic Deliveries is coming to mobile. Minuto is a mathematical puzzle game where you build space routes for your galactic deliveries. Get your spaceship ready, tackle obstacles, and optimize your path. You’ll encounter many cute and friendly characters, but there’s something hidden behind their jokes. 

The game is made by Simone Chelo, an Italian developer based in Denmark. Minuto – Galactic Deliveries is coming to Android and AppStore on September 30.

Spirit of the Island Boxed Edition

This past March, we looked at the Early Access version of Spirit of the Island (find our preview here), and the release of the full version is close this Autumn. Publisher Meridiem Games has announced they will release a boxed special edition of Spirit of the Island for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This beautiful Life Sim Sandbox RPG with online co-op is set on a tropical archipelago. You can build your farm, grow crops and raise animals, craft items, cook exquisite dishes, gather resources, build shops and museums to attract visitors, and turn a desolate Island into a prosperous tourist destination!

Spirit of the Island LadiesGamers

Create Your Little Universe

You might already know My Little Universe from playing it on your mobile. If you enjoyed it, it might be interesting to know that the game is coming to Switch, Steam and SteamDeck. The release date is October 5. Want to give it a try first? There’s a demo on Switch out already.

Create procedurally-generated hexes of land with a myriad of resources to build flourishing continents. Reveal lush forests, harsh tundra, mysterious caves, and more while also collecting shiny treasures and other valuables. Overcome a colourful cast of loveable monsters, and explore the cosmos.

Raw Fury at Save & Sound

This year, Save & Sound is back. This online festival celebrates music and sound in gaming, a topic that we wholeheartedly support. After all, the game music is often the unsung hero of a video game! From September 11th -14th, this non-profit Steam event is live on Steam, Twitch and Youtube. The showcase includes content from nearly 200 games, as well as a Steam page where players can learn more about the music and talent behind each title.

Raw Fury has revealed they will be bringing special musical performances and bonus features from a wide variety of their current and upcoming titles, including:

Cosy Puzzle Game Coming

Inspired by games like A Little to the Left and Unpacking, Flawberry Studio is developing Projected Dreams. The game is about recreating shadow silhouettes from children’s toys from the early 2000s. There are more than one solution to the puzzle. Of course, it should set the mood of how we felt as children. Or, in my case, makes me think back to all the toys my daughter had, which I cleared away daily!

A public demo will be available on Steam on September 29, 2023.

Pikmin Finder Browser Game

Can’t get enough of your Pikmin 4 game? Nintendo has introduced Pikmin Finder without a lot of fanfare. It’s a browser-based augmented reality game that’s all about finding Pikmin with your camera. You can then send them out on a treasure hunt and photograph them. What’s extra fun for the fans is that Pikmin Finder features Pikmin from all four major games.

I like how Nintendo keeps finding new ways to innovate, though this isn’t their first foray into the AR world. I fondly remember a similar AR game with Chibi Robo and one with the Denpa Men. You should have seen my fellow train passengers looking at me strangely as I was pointing my 3DS left and right! Anyway, Pikmin Finder can be found here!

Star Trek Infinite Coming to PC and Mac

Maybe not exactly a game for LadiesGamers, but hey…Star Trek fan here! So I wanted to mention that strategy game Star Trek: Infinite, under license from Paramount Consumer Products, will launch on Mac and PC on October 12.

Beginning decades before the Star Trek: The Next Generation era, Star Trek: Infinite grants players the power to shape the galaxy’s destiny as a faction of their choice. The immersive grand strategy game puts players in the captain’s chair to lead one of four unique Quadrant Powers: The United Federation of Planets, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Union, or Klingon Empire. While remaining faithful to Star Trek lore, Star Trek: Infinite introduces fresh avenues for adventure as players can explore the Alpha and Beta quadrants, govern empire dynamics, handle economic intricacies, and engage with undiscovered civilizations.

You can learn more about the game here, and see the trailer below!

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading!

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