Gaming News Weekend 49

It’s that time again, time for the weekend gaming news! This weekend, we’ve got news about: Princess Maker 3, your input on the Top 3 Games of 2019, upcoming monster catcher TemTem, Japan gets new DLC in the form of YoKai Watch 4++ and Amiibo celebrates the 5 year anniversary.

Princess Maker 3 release West

The fans are exited, and even though I have never before played this game series, I’m thrilled too. Princess Maker 3 is scheduled to be release on December 23 on the Switch. And, in English! Which I understand is something special. You see, even though it’s the third game in the series, the first two never made it west on consoles. Though the titles were released on Steam recently.

In Princess Maker 3, you schedule out your daughter’s time between various school and work activities to raise her skills. You can also take her on adventures, which are basic RPG sequences where your daughter can explore and fight monsters. This sounds like my kinda game!

It’s going to be priced at approx. $29.99. Check out the trailer below, and not long to wait! 

Top 3 of the best games of 2019

The end of year is getting ever closer, and fast. Somehow the years fly by when you get older, or is that just me? Here on the sight that means some soul searching: just what game that was released in 2019 made me feel ever so good? What game made the biggest impression? Soon, you will see our lists appear.

We are curious though about your top 3 of 2019. What games made the difference in your gaming? And would you like to tell us more about the reason why? I’m inviting you to reach out to us. You can use our email address (, or on Twitter, Facebook or the comments below. If you feel confident, you can even try your hand at a guest article!

Japan gets new DLC in YoKai Watch 4++

While we, here in the West, are still waiting for a release date for the original YoKai Watch 4 on Switch, Japan is getting new content. This past week YoKai Watch 4++ was released there on PS4 and new DLC for the Switch game. 

According to the official Yo-Kai Watch Twitter account, it adds more content to the existing game such as new areas, monsters (presumably Yo-Kai) and multiplayer for Jibanyan and friends.

While development for the West was confirmed by Level 5 some time ago, there’s still no date for us. 

TemTem Monster Catcher

In 2018 Kickstarter monster catcher game TemTem was a big succes, funding in a short time. It took only 5 days to fund. 

It may seem very similar to the beloved Pokemon series however it does offer some unique differences such as designing your own home interior, and fertility values for breeding and player emotes for online fun! 

Anyway, Early Access on Steam has now been confirmed for January 23. Plus, the developers are still working on console versions too, they should reach us at the end of 2020. 

5 years of Amiibo

Has it been that long already? Amiibo are celebrating their 5 year birthday y and Nintendo Japan did so with this. Check out the tweet made about it!

That’s it for us this weekend, have a great gaming time!


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