Guide Summer In Mara Qälis Island Part 2

Welcome back, this guide continues on from our previous guide to Summer In Mara and Qälis Island. You can find all the guides we made for Summer in Mara right here

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You might pick up the quests in a slightly different order than I did when I was playing the game and writing this guide. And some quests you will receive long before you can actually finish them, as you either need better tools, ingredients or an upgraded boat. If you come across a quest you can’t do at that particular time move on to one you can do. Don’t forget to take care of your ever growing crop field’s, plant trees and feed and pet any animals you have on Koa’s home island,

Take your time and explore the seas of Mara and the world around you. Each time your out sailing on your boat, make sure to hit the barrels floating in the water as you will find resources in them all. Like any game that relies on resources you should be gathering each and every item anytime you see them on your travel.

These quests continue on from our previous Qälis island guide, which you will find here.

I Am Sailing

Koa quest: look for necklace on the area of the map that Saimi has indicated.

Before you take off in your boat you must have diving goggles which are on sale in Noho’s shop on the pier for 40 coins. Sail to the spot on the map and go deep diving to find the necklace in a chest.

When you return to Saimi you get this quest:  Take necklace to Akaji the blacksmith who give you a….Koa quest: collect 5 x clay and 10x metal and bring it to Akaji blacksmith, Akaji will fix the necklace take it to Saimi in the lighthouse.

After that you can talk to Edegan the banker he has another quest: return the favour to Edegan, give him a new jar of ink which you can make at you home island, 1 x water and 1 x shrimp.

Chat to Philly for this quest: take bag of fertiliser to Edegan the banker.  Fertiliser helps your crops grow quicker.

Talk to Taka at the beach bar, make a salad for Taka using the recipe your given, 1 x lettuce, 1 x tomato, 1 x onion.

Talk to Brram at the beach cafe to get this quest: bring Brrams dish to Taka.

Koa quest: collect 20 x wood and 3 x cloth for Brram. Later, when you return the items to Brram your given a torch  and a new quest:  build a fridge on your island then speak to Brram.

Back Across The Sea

Koa quest: search for Napopo in the Temple on Qalis which is on top of the hill, past the pond, once there, talk to Blu who gives you a quest: place lettuces as an offering to the Temple. After that fill the tank at the temple to met Fink Schen for the first time.

Koa quest: bring Saimi afternoon tea, craft an afternoon teapot 1 x milk, 2 x herbs, 1 x sugar, at your home island when you have the ingredients.

Taking to Blu gets you this quest: Bring him a sheet of paper which can be crafted with 2 x resin.

Talk to Blu again to find out Nopopo wants Koa to do.

Koa quest: talk to Akaji the blacksmith about building a mine.

Koa quest: build mine in the cave on Koa’s home island.  To build the mine you will need, 10x Metal, 4x rope, 12x Wooden boards, once you have gather the materials you will find the area to build the mine on the beach, which is down past the path that leads up to the Guardian door.

Once back on Qälis Island talk to Onzo the cat person and your given this quest: take headphones to Aquila the blacksmith to get them fixed.

Return to Onzo with fixed headphones, talk to Onzo to get the next quest, Koa quest: Onzo, wants you to ask Taka about his famous noodles.

Koa quest from Blu, buy some Mochis from the beach cafe and take it to Napopo at the Temple on Qalis

Koa quest: bring ingredients to Taka to make Mochis 1x Rice, 1x chocolate, 2x flour. when you return your given a quest. To make a Mochi and give to Napopo when you do this talk to Blu again, to get a new structure a bonfire and a quest: Build a fire on Koa’s island and you get a recipe for a new structure Tiki torch, talk to Blu again to get a recipe for a scarf and a quest: to sew a scarf for Blu 1 x fabric and 1 x thread. When you return to Blu with the scarf you given a tiny bug for your good deed.

Koa quest: Pilly in the market request you take a flower bouquet to Awan.
Koa quest: Take Awan’s special gift to Pilly in the market.

Koa quest: talk to Aquila in the mansion about Napopo and the Elits.
Koa quest: after talking to Aquila you receive a pearl to give to Napopo. You get another quest after giving the Pearl to Napopo.

Napopo quest: Dive into the sea of the Qwe tree to find the treasure, which you can’t do yet until that section of the map is uncovered. 

You will also, at some stage receive a recipe for better hammer from Akaji  the blacksmith, once you make the Hammer you get a recipe for a larger well, 1x bucket, 20x stones, 2x ropes.

I’m Sailing Home Again

If you talk to Edegan the banker in between your running around, you get a quest to talk to Aquila for an official navy stamp. When you talk to Aquila your sent to Edegan to ask for 2000 coins, Edegan hands over the 2000 return to Aquila in the mansion, hand over the coins and talk to Aquila again for another quest: collect some rocks made of strange metal x 10. To do this you need to sail to black volcano island. If you have the upgraded hammer you can finish this quest if not, continue back to Edegan and talk to him to give him the Navy stamp.

When you return to Aquila after you have upgraded the hammer and got his supplies you receive 300 coins

Mayo new quest: sail to the mysterious island and touch the tree at the top of the hill with a face, sail to the island and touch the tree, report back Mayo  to get a recipe for a Fajita.

Talking to Taka again, you get another quest which is a
Koa quest: collect the ingredients for Taka’s noodle recipe, 2 x flour, 1 x egg, 3 x onions, return to Taka with the ingredients to get a recipe for Noodles and a new quest: Bring Noodles to Onzo 

Talk to Taka once more to get this quest:  bring 2 x thread and 3 x cotton to Taka so he can make an apron. Cotton can be grown from seeds bought at the market and then make thread.

After returning the supplies to make the apron talk to Taka, quest: ask Brram why he doesn’t like Taka’s clam mariniere, talk to Brram and take the jelly your given to Taka and you get a new recipe for Jelly 2 x sugar, 1 x strawberry, 1 x water.

Talk to Taka and receive a new quest to take the dishes Taka gives you to Litio the pirate, sail to the west to Puni Cave. Once in the area you can’t miss the blue icon on the map on the screen that’s the pirate ship. Talk to Litio, return to Taka and receive 120 coins for your trouble.

Speaking to Taka once again you get quest: Look for Brram to give him the Marshmallows recipe to try,  you have to make marshmallows of course, 2 x sugar 1 x strawberry and 1 x water. Once you do that return to Brram who gives you a new quest: to  ask Mayo if she like the marshmallows, make the marshmallows again and go tak to Mayo.

Brram give you a fridge and once you build and place it on your island return to Brram and get the recipe to make orange ice pop.



  1. Ok, so I’m on my last quest of Koa. I’m supposed to be on my island to open the Guardians door. However, right before the event changed to this quest, I had slept on my boat near the docks of my island since it was around 23:30. When the quest started, my boat and Koa were practically invisible and I couldn’t move her. I then decided to use the fast travel to Qális to see if that would fix it, but it didn’t. So, I exited then reentered the game, where I was now by the hotel but still invisible. I repeated this, and I was finally visible and able to move. However, the time has now stopped, my energy is not depleting, and my boat is gone. The only thing that still depletes is the water bar so I can’t just swim back to my island. Has someone else come across this glitch? If so, can you help me get off Qális because I’m so confused and lost right now, lol.

    1. Hi thanks for reading and commenting.
      I’ve never heard of the glitch that your describing, I didn’t come across it on my play through of the game. Have you tried turning the game off and on again, sometimes that can stop the glitch if the game has been running for a while.
      I’m sorry I can’t offer much help. Though if you do have a twitter account you could message Chibigstudio they seem pretty good at answering questions, and helping with possible glitches in their game.
      All the best.

      1. By turning off and on the game, do you mean exiting then reentering or actually going to the home screen of the game system, closing the game then start it up again? I exited then reentered the game a couple times, but after shutting it off last night, I haven’t gone back on to check it yet. Also, a little while after commenting, I sent an email to Chibig to see if they have any solutions.

        1. Yes, turn it off completely back to the Switch menu screen. Sometimes that does work depending on what way the glitch is interfering with the game as it’s running. It’s always worth a try when something like that happen.
          You might be lucky and when you turn the game on today it’s running fine. And if not I hope Chibigstudio are able to help you out.

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for this guide. I’m stuck on the fridge part though… I’ve been told to build a fridge on my island but I can’t figure out where? Help! Thank you

    1. Hi Thanks for reading and commenting.
      You can build the fridge outside your house somewhere, you have to use the hammer to build it just like building a well. I built the fridge just at the side of the house where there was an empty space. Once built it will give you ice for some of the recipes.
      I hope that helps you out.

      1. Haha thank you, I was being so dumb! I thought it was like the cave/mine where you had to find the specific spot for it to be built I’ve done it now.

    1. Hi Sanne,
      You can place both items outside your house, and you use the hammer to build them.
      I placed mine at the side of my house, but I would think anywhere around the house would be ok.
      I hope that helps, thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Hi, having trouble with the quest to build a fire for Blu. I’ve built it on the island and talked to Blu, and the quest still appears to not want to complete. I’ve even destroyed it and placed it in different parts of the island with no luck..

    1. Have you made the right type of fire? There’s a “fire” and a “bonfire” and I can’t recall which you need to make, but just double check that

    2. I honestly can’t remember which fire it is you build for the quest, it been a while since I finished the game. I would try both fires and the quest should complete when you build the right fire.
      Sorry I can’t be more help. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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