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Handheld gaming news, week 41

A day late, I know. I usually bring you my handheld gaming news on Friday, but it’s been so super busy here yesterday. I didn’t have time to sit down and enjoy my cup of coffee with you, I hope you have so time to chat today. Let’s sit down, enjoy our coffee or tea and chat about handheld gaming news.

First of all though, if you are a regular to this site, I’d much appreciate it if you give me your thoughts. Your thoughts about what content you would like on this site. You can find the poll here. And to those who have already voted: thank you for your input and kind words!

We are in the middle of the super busy October month, with lots of great handheld games vying for your attention. I have my games that I wanted at the ready, but I have yet to find the time to play them. Disney Magical World 2 is downloaded, I’m itching to prolong my adventure in Dragon Quest Builders and I’ve got Chase: Cold Case Investigations at the ready.

Now how to get Hermione Grangers time turner?

Gurumin 3D European release date

Gurumin 3D; a Monstrous Adventure is already out on the American 3DS, available in the eShop now. The game has an European release date too: it will be downloadable for EUR 14,95 on October 27. I watched some of the trailers of the gameplay, and although it looks very cute, I decided not to download yet. I’m seriously wondering if the real time fighting is my cup of tea. If you have already played it though, I’m curious to hear what you think.gurumin-3ds

Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories

This game is downloadable in the eShop (all regions) right now, for the small price of EUR 5,99. I noticed in my European eShop that I can even use the coins I earned in My.Nintendo.com for a 20% discount. I was surprised at the low price, I’ll try to give you my thoughts on the game soon. Chase, cold case, cing, arc system works

Box art New Leaf Amiibo+

Japanese Amazon.co.jp has a listing for the updated Animal Crossing New Leaf title. It’s called Amiibo+ (or Welcome Amiibo!) and below you can see it’s box art. The updated game will be available on November 23 in Japan. No need though to buy this update version if you already own the game. The update will be free! Expect more news in the special AC Nintendo Direct that’s expected on November 2nd.AC New Leaf, Amiibo+, Welcome Amiibo

World of Final Fantasy demo due

There’s another demo due this month. Full game World of Final Fantasy will be available on the Vita at the end of October (see the calendar for upcoming games). But you will be able to play the demo and see the game’s opening movie on October 17 already. You will meet plenty of Mirages in the demo, while taking on the role of Reynn and Lann in their Lilikin and Jiant forms. Completing it will allow you to battle and capture Magitek Amor P at the coliseum in the full version. World of Final Fantasy

Update for Pokémon Go

There’s a new update for Pokémon Go in the works. You’ve no doubt seen that you can earn medals, when you’ve caught 10, 50 or 200 of a specific type, like water type Pokémon. After the update, you will get a catch bonus if you’ve reached one of those tiers and you catch another such type, like a water Pokémon.

The other part of the update is that you can now improve gyms held by your Pokémon Go team. You can bring six Pokémon into a training session now instead of just one. And lastly, you will be able to see how far you’ve walked with your Pokémon egg in the screen now. Expect the update soon!pokemon Go

Atelier Shallie Plus: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea

There’s talk on twitter about Atelier Shallie Plus coming to Europe and America soon. Japan has already had it’s release last March. This would complete the Dusk trilogy, where Atelier Aysha was the first and Escha & Logy was the second game in the series. The timeline for the Atelier games can be a bit confusing. The Plus games are actually Playstation 3 games being re-worked for the Vita, making it rather awesome games for the little powerhouse. Expect more news on this one!atelier Shallie

Enough for now, I think. Time to dive in the games I have waiting. Happy gaming my friends, and let me know what you are picking up this weekend!


  1. Are you planning on reviewing Chase? I’d be excited to hear your thoughts! I wonder how similar it is to Hotel Dusk (aesthetics aside)… hopefully very similar! Also looking forward to playing Final Fantasy Worlds—looks like a pretty nice, laid back JRPG which would match up well with the recent rain/fall weather that’s been hitting my hometown.

    Hope you’re doing well!

    1. Hey Zach, nice to see you here! Yes, I do plan on reviewing Chase, only did a little bit of the game by now. And I already have the demo for World of Final Fantasy waiting!
      What have you been playing lately?

  2. I played Chase, and there’s definitely a reason for the low price point. I’ll let you get through it first though. I loved all of Cing’s old games, like Hotel Dusk, Last Window, and Trace Memory! I even enjoyed their last game, Again!

  3. Late comment, but I beat Gurumin a while ago (Steam version). It’s an action adventure game with cute characters, great music and a challenge to do a lot of high skill-end stuff, like beating every monster AND collecting all the treasures and pots in a stage for a gold medal, which can be given for rewards. The boss fights are a bit challenging to clear, but you can basically breeze through the game on the easy or normal difficulties (with harder ones unlocked as you beat other hard modes). There are some simple puzzle segments (pushing blocks to a pressure plate switch for example), and the stages take about 10 minutes at average to clear through between platforming and progressing through enemy monsters.

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