Happy Gaming Holidays!

It’s December 24 when I’m writing this, normally the day to publish my Handheld Gaming News. But as it’s almost Christmas Eve, I’m guessing you all have better things to do then reading about games!

These are the days of the frantic preparations to get ready for Christmas! You might have guests coming for Christmas Day dinner. Or you have some last minute shopping to do, helping Santa make sure there are packages under the tree. Or you’re still trying to get a good Christmas outfit together, trying to look your best!

Christmas has always been a special time for me. I loved Christmas music, often playing it as early as October. And I liked putting up the tree and other decorations. Loved buying a special piece of clothing too, to look my Sunday best. But somehow, in the last couple of years, things like that seem to be getting less important for me.

What matters most is sharing Christmas with the people I love, and trying to find enough free time to really relax. And I plan to do just that! As I no doubt have told you before, over here in the Netherlands we even have two Christmas days. And my First one is pretty much booked, but the Second one isn’t, so I have hopes for some gaming fun in my immediate future.

For now, I’m going to wish you a lovely Christmas celebration. And who knows, maybe Santa will bring an awesome game for you to play!




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