Hard gaming choices

Hard gaming choices to make

Hard times are ahead. Hard times on two accounts. It will be a hard month for my wallet, and a hard month for my free time. October has such a lot of great games coming across the handheld platforms, that I’m not even sure how I will buy them all, let alone play them. What a luxurious set of challenges!

Hard gaming choices to make!

In the main menu here on my website ladiesgamers.com you can see them under Upcoming Games. The calendar shows the games that I have an interest in, and that I want to play if possible. Let’s focus on October for now (and a little bit of September) because we all know November has another great game coming out. Pokémon Sun and Moon will reach us then. But for now, this next month has a lot going for it.

Check it out!

Yo-Kai Watch 2: September 30 America on the 3DS

yo-kai watch 2The first one coming is Yo-Kai Watch 2, that will hit the shelves in America this Friday. No release date for Europe yet. I loved the first game, but I did feel some things were missing, like trading and battling with friends. The second game is better in the way of connectivity, so I’m sure I’ll love it. A bit more about the new set of games (there are two, in true Pokémon style) here on this website. 

Dragon Quest Builders: October 11 (USA) and October 14 (Europe) on the Vita

Dragon Quest builders, release day goodiesAn absolute must, ever since I heard about this game I was exited about it. I love Minecraft on the Vita, and I loved the building component in Harvest Moon: the Lost Valley too. And then to have a combo of Dragon Quest in a Minecraft-like world! Should be awesome. You can read more about the game on Square Enix’s site.

Chase: Cold Case Investigations: October 13 in Europe and America in the 3DS eShop

Chase, cold case, cing, arc system worksA game that wasn’t announced all that long ago, but it immediately piqued my interest. One of my first DS games was Hotel Dusk: room 215, a visual novel detective game that I loved. It was made by Cing, a development studio that is no more, but the man that was the brain behind the game is behind Chase too. From what I’ve seen in screenshots it promises to be another good one. So when it’s downloadable in the 3DS eShop, it’s a must for me. You can read a bit more about the game here.

Disney Magical World 2: October 14 in Europe and America (3DS)

disney-magical-world-2Ranking my must have games for this upcoming month I will say that this one is my numero uno, no doubt about it. In fact, I’ve already pre-purchased it. I’ve always felt that the first one didn’t get much of a chance in the gaming community. Sure, the visuals are cute and yes, Mickey can get on my nerves too. But the game is full of childhood memories, whether it’s your own or your child’s. And the combination of crafting, growing crops, doing quests and battling is one that is just right for me. And don’t let the game fool you: some boss battles are pretty hard. Or that’s just me, not being very good at battles that aren’t turn based. If you want to read a bit more about the game you can find it here.

World of Final Fantasy: October 25 in Europe and America on the Vita

woffThis game hasn’t been on my radar for very long. It wasn’t until a gaming friend pointed out to me that I got interested. Sure, I’ve played Final Fantasy games in the past and they were good. But with all the good RPG out there at the moment it didn’t occur to me that this one might actually be different. Sure, it’s an RPG with turn based battles, and it is set in the world of Grymoire, a land populated by classic FF characters and monsters from across the series. Meanwhile, it’s not connected with any of the other games in the series.

The visuals look very different, all with chibi-fied characters, and what got me really interested is that the game has features similar of Pokémon and Digimon. This includes evolving monsters called Mirages here! The connectivity is there too, with an Arena to connect you with your friends. Find out more about the game on Square Enix’s website. By the way, the game will be released on the PS4 too.

Hard gaming choices

So, that’s the list for October. Quite a long one, right? See my point of hard times for my wallet and my spare gaming time? Which one is a must for you? Or will you, like me, try to play them all?


  1. Have pre-ordered WoFF. Must have!
    Will decide on DQB once I’ve played demo, but am a DQ fan.
    Never played Room 215 but might consider Chase … I’ll wait for your review!

  2. I agree! I’m interested in nearly all of these titles as well! And yet I’m only 20 hours into the 80+ hour Dragon Quest VII. It’s great to have so many options for games though. I just have to figure out which one to get and play first! I will be getting Yo-kai Watch 2 this week though!

  3. There are over ten games coming out this next month I want but I think I’ll only be able to put down for my mini NES preorder and grab the amiibos -.- at least there aren’t any special editions to miss out on

  4. I’m looking forward to Disney Magical World 2, will be picking up Yokai Watch 2 and Corpse Party. Now I will have to check out the Final Fantasy one that sounds neat. That’s just October! First world problems.

  5. Well, the best I can do is wish you good luck and wisdom to choose how to tackle that pile of games. But, hey, too many games is never a problem; lack of games is! =P

    PS: Love the website’s design!

    1. Thank you Matt, I’ll tell my daughter. She designs them for me!
      You’ve got a point there, lack of games is more of a problem. As Carrie already said in the comments, first world problems, eh?

  6. It’s crazy how many good games are coming out from now till Xmas. I don’t need all these expenses when I have house payments to meet!

    No matter how bad my bank balance gets I will try to squeeze out some cash for the FInal Fantasy game. It looks so cute!

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