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Kickstarter The Adventures of Breadman

Every once in a while a Kickstarter campaign comes to our attention that could do with a little extra push. The Adventures of Breadman is such a game. Think an RPG adventure that’s heavy on exploration and add gathering and cooking. Of course, how can a game with such a title not involve cooking?

Breadman is on a mission to uncover why the world he lives in is rotting and slowly dying; he’s questioning his existence and is on a mission to uncover the truth about life and death. Every decision you as a player make effects Breadmans responses. This in turn will lead to many different personalities and outcomes. Should be fun!

Inspired by Studio Ghibli and the Legend of Zelda

Developers Alphasoftworks from Houston, Texas, are inspired by Studio Ghibli’s movies like Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle. Other inspiration came from games like The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time and Wind Waker and their great sense of exploration. Plus, by the food filled world of Toriko.

We wanted to take our two favorite things, food, and games and re-create the same sense of awe and wonder we felt when we first experienced our favorite titles.

In this open world adventure you will find yourself running through grassy fields full of giant potatoes, climbing giant snowy ice cream mountain peaks and soaring across boiling tomato soup volcanoes. The world challenges players with puzzles to complete and dozens of temples filled with monsters to slay and rare items to find.

Breadman LadiesGamers

Everything is food-themed

Everything in Breadman’s world is food themed. From the temples you have to conquer (you can find yourself in a giant peach) to the enemies you have to fight.Weapons are found throughout the world, as well as other items that will help you in battles. And Breadman can also wield his magic: there are four types of magic (spicy, sweet, sour, and salty) each representing a flavor. Different flavours make for different types of attacks, for example, spicy magic allows for the manipulation of fire.

Breadman LadiesGamers

Cooking isn’t just used to make meals to strengthen Breadman. You will also be able to cook-up weapons and potions. There’s just one problem: how on earth am I going to play this game when I’m on a diet?

The Campaign

Alphasoftwork is looking for funding of $ 55.000 through Kickstarter. Their campaign ends on July 21st, and at the time of writing this, $ 4.806 is funded by 83 backers. Still some ways to go! Their aim is to bring the game to the Switch (and Xbox, PS4 and Steam) from the start which pulled me in.

Breadman LadiesGamers

To give the project some extra oomph Alphasoftwork is collaborating with Phil LaMarr. This voice actor from cartoon characters like Hermes from Futurama, Samurai Jack and Wilt from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is going to be the voice of BreadmanThe soundtrack will be composed by James L. Venable who has done work on cartoons like Samurai Jack and The Powerpuff Girls to compose the soundtrack.

Want to know more about The Adventures of Breadman? Check out the campaign here.  



  1. Thanks for this article Yvonne!
    It looks so good, but I’m afraid I have the same problem with all the super tasty food in this game.
    The fruits and vegetables aren’t the problem of course, but I also saw pizza’s, ice creme and cookies.
    Might be to much of a trigger.
    It’s a shame it looks like the campaign is not gonna make it.

    I was wondering.. if the funding goal is not in sight, is it smart to post all your stretch goals in advance?
    In this case I think maybe not.

    When I first looked at the campaign I was enthusiastic, but then I saw some of the stretch goals :
    – Houses : Build cute fruit and vegetables homes through out the world in villages and furnish them with fruit furniture.
    – Animal Breeding Mechanism : Feed, grow and take care of your fruit and vegetables animals.
    – Farming : Plant grow and create your own personal farms in game.
    – New Game + : New Items, quest, story elements and boss fights will be available upon multiple replay.
    – Visual Novel : A 25-Page colored graphic novel will be available.
    – Secret Ending : A massive secret island with 2 extra bosses.

    They sound AWESOME!!!
    But then you see the amounts of money needed to unlock them and you realize it’s not gonna happen.
    And that makes the ‘base game’ less appealing to me.. knowing the game isn’t what it could be.

  2. Funding got cancelled. 🙁
    This message was posted in an update :

    “Our team decided to cancel the Kickstarter campaign. The support and messages we got from everyone is awesome and we greatly appreciate it.

    It’s not the end of breadman 🙂

    Development on the game will be continued and were currently in the process expanding our team. We may relaunch on Kickstarter in the future with better rewards like physical copies and much much more!

    Were going to keep working and were going to keep you up to date here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

    Thank you all so much!”

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