LadiesGamers Overview week 39…with a Twist

For the past years our LadiesGamers Overview detailed everything that happened on the site for the past week. As I know how busy everyone’s daily life is, and you just can’t read all that’s written here daily.

With the Patreon initiative being launched past week change is coming. Our Patrons get a biweekly NewsLetter in PDF format in their mailbox that gives a recount of our content in a slightly different way. Plus, some extra’s will be added, like Paula’s Gaming Ramblings or YvoCaro Plays.

Here’s our first ever NewsLetter, just to show you how it would look every two weeks.

LG NewsLetter 1 2020

A little extra added, tables that show the games reviewed and their rating, plus a highlight for the games that rated as Two Thumbs Up!

The NewsLetter includes Paula’s Game Ramblings, all about Music in Video games:

A fine example of how music conveys feelings to a player is the music in Breath of the Wild. You see,in previous Zelda games like Ocarina of Time, when you’re roaming the field of Hyrule, the music is grand and majestic. Whereas in Breath of the Wild the field music is subdued with just a few piano notes played every so often. After all, most of the world of Breath of the Wild lies in ruins and the music couldn’t have been grandiose and majestic in this game as it wouldn’t have fitted with the game’s theme.

Check it out, and I hope you will visit us at our Patreon Page. After all, this NewsLetter is included in every Tier, so for as little as $1 (+VAT) you will not only support our efforts to keep LadiesGamers ad-free, but you will find also the NewsLetter in your mailbox every two weeks as well!

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