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Manor Lords Demo Impressions

Demo code used with many thanks to Hooded Horse.

Anyone who is a regular reader of LadiesGamers will know how I love my strategy simulation games, and I’ve discovered another game that’s worth keeping an eye on.

Lord or Lady of the Manor

Manor Lords LadiesGamers
Chose your avatar and crest

Manor Lords is an upcoming strategy game for PC that combines deep, organic and realistic city building with large-scale, tactical battles. The game is the work of a solo developer, with Hooded Horse as publisher. I’ve had early access to try out the demo that is available during the Steam Next Fest running from October 3rd until 10th October.

The game is set in medieval times, though not in a specific century. Instead, it draws broadly on the medieval era, from the 11th century onwards.

Develop a Settlement

Manor Lords LadiesGamers
Develop a medieval settlement

You will take on the role of lord or lady of the manor and develop a settlement for your people. At the start of the demo, you can choose your avatar, pick a coat of arms and change the colours of your coat of arms.

Manor Lords LadiesGamers
Poor Ox out in the cold

You’ll soon be constructing a logging camp, granary and hunter’s cabin. Then, assigning peasant workers to cut down the trees, build their cosy thatch-roof homes, and establish a busy little village in the wild.

The map in the demo is gridless, leading to organic city-building for your peasant workers. Laying paths is a breeze as they are flexible and snap into place.

Looks Fantastic

Manor Lords LadiesGamers
Building a thatched house

Even at this stage in the game’s development, there isnt any shortage of detail. From the autumn-coloured trees blowing in the breeze to the ox pulling logs of wood for construction, it looks fantastic. You can switch to a third-person view and walk around your settlement, which is excellent. Especially when you think Manor Lords is being developed by one solo dev, Slavic Magic, the game looks impressive.

Manor Lords LadiesGamers
Track your workers as they build

Since it’s a demo, there are about twenty minutes of gameplay before it stops. Just enough to give you a taster of what the full game will be like when it is released on Early Access.

Full Game Details

Manor Lords LadiesGamers
Walk around your settlement

The full game, when released, will have medieval armoured soldiers fighting it out on the battlefield.
Manor Lord’s developer aims to portray battles that feel real, with large-scale unit formations, flanking, fatigue, soldiers’ morale, weather and equipment all coming into play.

Other plans for Manor Lords include diplomacy between lords, a trading system, and development trees for every region. In addition, you’ll be able to customise each region based on its resources or role in your fledging kingdom.

Check out the demo on Manor Lords Steam Page here and don’t forget to add it to your Wishlist.

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