Mini Guide Dragon Quest Builders 2: Rooms and Sets

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a huge game, and over here at we love it: we gave it the two thumbs up. So, we felt the game merited a series of mini-guides, and here’s your third one. All about Rooms and Sets.

Room blueprints and Sets

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 you can make a variety of rooms to keep your NPCs happy, which in turn will generate Gratitude Hearts. And this will allow you to unlock Islands on the map and items in the Builders workbench. Eventually you will be able to buy items for crafting from the Builderpedia with hearts, so gratitude hearts are pretty important to collect.

Of course you can build basic bedrooms and kitchens, but there are lots of other rooms to build to help generate those hearts.

The game tells you some of the room recipes that are in the game. And if you talk to some of the NPCs you have bought back from the story islands to the Isle of Awakening, they will give you various requests for rooms they would like built.There are over a 100 rooms to build. Once built and registered by the game they will appear in your Builderpedia.

Sets are made of items you put together, like a Frying pan placed on top of a bonfire creates the Fiery Frying Pan Set. These are also listed  on the second tab in the rooms section of the Builderpedia once they have been put together and the game recognises it.

Many kinds of Bedrooms

Apart from the basic bedrooms that the game mentions, there are other bedroom designs which are not mentioned. It’s really by building and adding items to a room that you come across the other bedrooms. I’m going to give you a few room recipes which I have discovered though out my play through of Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Drop Dead Dormitory: Inn Sign x 1, any pot x3, any fancy Bed x8 any fancy light scone x2, any Chair x2 and chest of drawers x1.

Billet: Fighting Kit x1 any bed x2, any light source x1 

Low Lit Hostel: Fancy futon x4, Paper Lantern x2, Wardrobe x1, Lattice wall x1.

Waterlogged Quarters: Any Bed x4, any Seashell x1, any Seaweed x1, Starfish x1.

Contemporary Co Living Pod: Any bed x8; Fancy light source x2, wooden handrail x1 Sleek shelf x1 Alarm clock x1, gramophone x1.

Imperial Bedroom: Residents sign x1, Any Fancy Bed X1, any Fancy Light x1, any fancy chair x1, any Fancy Table x1, Wall decoration x1.

Imperial Bedroom

Many kinds of Bathrooms and Toilets

The NPCs have bathroom and toilet needs to be fulfilled and during their daily routine they will use both facilities (have you seen them standing in line to go?) This in turn will generate hearts for you to collect.

If you have a lot of NPCs on the Island of Awakening its a good idea to give them more than one toilet or bathroom to use. Changing rooms can be built and by placing clothes in the changing room the NPCs will change into them. Here is a list.

Ladies Toilet: Wooden Toilet x3, Any towel x3, Lady sign x1. Any light x1.

Rustic Toilet: Any pot x1, Any towel x1, Haystack x1.

Men’s Toilet: Wooden toilet x3, Any Towel x3, Gentleman sign x1, any light x1.

Chivalrous Toilet: Any pot x1 Any towel x1, Wall mounted banner x1, any light x1. 

Rustic Bathroom: Basic Bathtub x1, Towel any x3, washtub x4, chair any x1, any light x1. 

Wood Burning Bathroom: Basic bathtub x2, towel any x3, washtub x4, chair any x1, light any x1, firewood x2.

Scenic Shower room: Shower x4, towel any x2, folding screen x2, small window x4, light any x2.,

Dancers Changing room: wardrobe x1, barrel x1, Ornamental flower x1, any light source x1.

Pool changing room: wardrobe x1, any light source x1, any towel x1, sunbrella x1.

Men’s Toilet

The kind of rooms Monsters like

NPC’s are not the only ones that seem to enjoy rooms, some monsters that you tame will also spend time in various room and leave Hearts behind. These are a few of the more popular rooms that the monsters frequent.

Portable Plant: Cask x2, chest any x1, hanging bag any x1 barrel x2. If you put veg and berries into the chest a walking corpse will make drinks.

Creepy Conservatory: Any chest x1, Blooming Poxglove x2, Budding Poxglove x4, any light source x1.

Chapel of the Children: Unholy Altar x1, false idol x1, citadel cross craving x1, citadel creature craving x1, fiendish face x1, sinister scone x1.

Hargon’s Throne room: Hargons throne x1, peculiar pillar x2, banner of Hargon x2, any light source x1.

Hargon’s Throne Room

Rooms for our fighters

NPC’s who are wearing an army uniform will make use of military style rooms along with bathrooms and  bedrooms.

Training Room: Target dummy x4, Ornamental spears x2, wooden fortifications x4, any light source x1.

Dojo: Target dummy x2, hanging picture x1 Samurai sword collection x1, any light source x1.

Armoury: chest any x1, fighting kit any x4, barricade x2, any light source x1.

War room: Emblematic table x1, map x1, war game piece x2 any light source x1.


What kind of sets are there?

The use of Sets placed into rooms will generate hearts as well when the NPCs use them or admire them. 

Card table: playing card x1, any table x1 any stool x2.

Simple Sipper set: Any table x1, any chair x1, decorative food x1.

Banqueting Table: royal table x1, decorative food any x4, candlestick x2, fancy chair x4.

Dracy Stack: Stackable Dracky decoration x3 placed on top of each other.

Stackable Slime: Stackable slime x3, placed on top of each other.

Spa: Hot water x10 blocks, floating flower petals x1.

Card Table

Manage the number of residents

The total  number of NPCs, Animals and Monsters allowed on the island of Awakening is 60 and you can move and send some NPCs away using the Residents Register. This  is handy if there is a particular NPC that you are not to fond off (Lulu 😂) or if you want to sent someone off to your Buildertopia island. Go to the residents register and select relocate and they will zoom off to where ever you have sent them.


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