New Writer: Introducing Abbi

I’m happy to introduce another new writer to you: Abbi. She is a lover of puzzle games, and a welcome addition to our team. Will you help me welcome her?

Lets meet Abbi

Hi guys!

I’m Abbi, a 25-year-old engineer from England with a fondness for puzzle games and visual novels.

I didn’t have a video-game-heavy childhood but I always loved a good puzzle or book and as I got older I fell for the interactivity of games as well as the escapism that can be found in a new, exciting world.

The video gaming community can spawn some true friendships and that’s half the joy for me; recommending new games to other people and finding real hidden gems the same way is a wonderful feeling. I’m looking forward to expanding that community through Ladies Gamers!

I didn’t really have a console preference until the Switch came along, now I don’t go anywhere without it. I do have a PS4, xBox One, PSP, 3DS, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP and gaming PC but they’ve all been rather neglected since the Nintendo Hybrid landed.

I travel a fair bit with work so being able to take my games with me is a great distraction when I’m on my own in a hotel room in some farflung corner of the country. I have to confess to a weakness for physical editions of games, so if an indie I like gets a physical version you can bet I’ll be double-dipping just to have another beautiful box in my shelf.

Other than gaming I love to watch anime, chill with a coffee and a chat, or listen to a good audiobook; any recommendations are more than welcome!

We love to hear from you!

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