Ordering in American eShop got easier

Own an American 3DS while you don’t live in the US? Up till now, if you wanted to buy an American game for your device you could order it and have the physical copy sent out to you. Not easy though to wait when you are itching to play a game right away. Or, you could download the game from the eShop. This took some doing though, as the American eShop didn’t accept non-American credit cards.

That is, up till now: with the latest update you can now use your own credit card even though you don’t live in the US. Not good news for the online stores that sold me my eShop credit codes. I always bought mine at the CardCloset.com and was very satisfied at their service. But from now on, I’ll just use my credit card!

If you need to add funds, you can just pay by credit card. The eShop will still ask for your zip code, but I just made one up and was able to complete the process.


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