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Promising Kickstarter: Spleen

As you know over here at we often bring Kickstarter campaigns to your attention that look promising. This time, I want to draw your attention to Spleen. And though many that attract our attention have the magic words “inspired by Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon”, Spleen is different. 

Spleen inspired by Persona and Kingdom Hearts

Developer Pamplemousse from Montreal Canada describes the game like this: “Spleen is a 2D Action RPG & Life Sim hybrid about being torn between the demands of adult life and the nostalgia of being a carefree kid. It’s a mix of Persona style social gameplay with Kingdom Hearts like action in a 2D world, with influences including Final Fantasy 9 and Dragon Ball.” 

So no farming or cute and casual gameplay. No, the game excuses a nostalgic feeling, enhanced by traditional 2D animation and hand-painted watercolor backgrounds. A feeling that is very much enhanced by the music, if the overture is an example for the soundtrack to come. I’m frankly enthralled with the music, listen to the sample here, and let me know if it grabs you too. 

Johann faces adulthood

You will play as Johann, a disenchanted young man feeling the weight and responsibilities of his life slowly breaking his spirit. His work is crushing, his dreams are fading and he realizes that adulthood isn’t really what he was hoping for. I think a lot of us adults can relate to that. Gone are the carefree days, and daily life is often glued together of of responsibilities.

But when he gains the ability to enter the Kid World and fight his problems as his childhood self, he might just find a way to make life worth exploring again! You know, this made me think of Ni no Kuni, a game that I played years ago on the DS! 

Choose what happens in Johann’s daily life in the Adult World and juggle his needs as he tries to get through all the hurdles that life throws at him. When he’s worn out and can’t take anymore, enter the Kid World to fight back the Spleen, a malevolent force that grows from his melancholy and search for sources of inspiration and hope.

This is what you’ll be doing in the game:

  • Spend time with friends, lovers and family. Improve your relationships to help Johann fight the Spleen.
  • Earn Power Cards, sources of new abilities and strength for Kid Johann.
  • Find Vignettes that contain memories and stories that will guide Adult Johann towards hope.
  • Defeat the Spleen to help restore Johann’s mental state. You do this in the Kids’ World by fighting various Clans, each with three enemies and a mini Boss. The Clans are representations of Johann’s emotions and fears. Like the Sadness Clan, the Stress Clan and the Fear Clan.

Kickstarter Campaign

The project is running until May 31, so only 12 more days to go. At the time of writing, CAN$ 37.663 has been pledged of the CAN$ 90.000 goal by 577 backers. Pamplemousse is striving to bring the game to PC first. Consoles may follow later, but approval has to be gained first. 

If you want to know more about the campaign, here’s a link to the page: Kickstarter Campaign Spleen

Here’s the trailer:


  1. I’ve seen this game too.
    What a shame it’s not yet confirmed on the Switch. I think the campaign would do better if they had that.
    I love the art, music, story, social and sim aspect, I pretty much love everything except for the 2D fighting.
    I hope Spleen will get funded, but they have some way to go.

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