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The Choice of Life: Middle Ages Review (Switch)

Game: The Choice of Life: Middle Ages
Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Board Game, Role-Playing
System: Nintendo Switch (also on Steam & Mobile)
Developers | Publishers: Blazing Planet Studio | Redblack Spade
Age Rating: EU 7+ | US E10+
Price: US $4.99 | EU €3,99 | UK £3.99
Release Date: January 28th, 2021

Review code used, with many thanks to Redblack Spade

Originally released on Steam, The Choice of Life: Middle Ages is a card game set in medieval times.

The choice of life Middle Ages LadiesGamers
The woman finds a vial

Middle Ages

It’s the Middle Ages that you’re born in, what sort of life will you lead? Will it be one with good prospects or will it come to an abrupt and deadly end?

The Choice of Life: Middle Ages is a simulator card game where each decision you make is taken on the turn of a card. Sometimes a turn of the card can mean the story progression or you can lose a heart, if you lose all your hearts you die!

The choice of life Middle Ages LadiesGamers
You are born!

Old Woman finds a Vial

The game starts with an old woman working the field, she finds a vial, the vial cracks and breaks in her hand. After that, you are born in a large peasant family with eleven brothers and sisters. Do you lie in silence as a baby or do you cry in the cradle for all to hear? This is the start of your life in the Middle Ages, you will make many different choices in the game.

The Choice of Life: Middle Ages isn’t a long game, I played through the game in the first sitting in just over an hour. However, that doesn’t mean I had seen all the game had to offer story-wise. Since then I’ve replayed the game multiple times over and each time through the decisions I made in picking a card the story has changed. Taking different twist and turns in the storyline makes the game very interesting, as you’re never sure exactly what path the story will take.

The choice of life Middle Ages LadiesGamers
Map of the Middle Ages

What choice will you make?

You’ll find yourself working in the fields or taking a job as a blacksmith’s apprentice making weapons. Life may take a turn for the worst, you could find yourself begging for food on the streets. Take the side of superstitious peasants or maybe attempt to kill the king. There are even surprises in store for when you die, as I don’t want to give to much of the story away I’ll leave it at dying is not the end!

It’s all choices to make with no extra reading as such. A section of the story is relayed to you by the text at the top of the screen, after reading it you read the choices on two cards and pick one.

The choice of life Middle Ages LadiesGamers
Choices to make?

Engaging Story

The game moves quickly and the story is engaging with just enough information fed to you for you to be able to make your choice. It reminds me of a visual novel, more than any of the genres listed on the game’s Nintendo page.

Aside from making choices you’ll also learn skills such as evasion or counting and earning a sword and shield. As you play the game you also earn titles which are similar to achievements, there are quite a few to earn, 47 in all. Titles such as Slayer of Kings, which is earned by killing the king, and Treasure Hunter, obviously as the name says this one is earned by hunting treasure down.

You start the game with three hearts, which can be lost rapidly depending on the choices you make in the game. The hearts can also be replenished by eating at the tavern when you are given that card to choose and through other choices you can make.

The Choice of Life Middle Ages LadiesGamers
Which choice to choose?

Visuals and Controls

The look of the game is quite plain, but after all, it is a card game so you don’t need fancy graphics. I like the way the game looks and what is shown on screen is good enough for you to make your choice from. The game is bright and colourful with minimal fuss.

The music is nice and soothing, however, it appears to be on a loop with a few other tracks and can get a little repetitive if you hear it too often. The game controls either by the joy-con or the touchscreen, I mostly used the touchscreen and I didn’t find any problems with the controls.

The Choice of Life Middle Ages LadiesGamers
Oops, made the wrong choice!


This is a pleasant game where you choose your adventure style. It’s great for a quick play through or for longer play sessions depending on how your choices affect your characters health.

There is replay value in the game as you try to get all the titles, and see the different storylines through to the end. It may be simplistic in looks but there is an entertaining game for players to have a few enjoyable hours with, for the few pounds the game costs in the eShop!

Final Verdict: I Like It

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