The Return Road: Update #1

Howdy folks, a little while ago I posted about returning to some unfinished Switch games of mine. (Interested in reading? Here it it! ) Well since, between work and my review of Black Paradox, I have made some headway with Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Check out the stats below:

Shrine Quests: 19/42 >> 31/42 (+12)
Side Quests: 27/77 >> 31/77 (+4)
Shrines: 72/120 >> 85/120 (+13)
Korok Seeds: 88/900 >> 157/900 (+69)

Inventive ways to hid Korok Seeds

As you can see, my most significant improvement would be with Korok Seeds. Dotted all over the world, I have been using the main map to stop and scope points of interest so that I can drop in and find some more of the cheeky critters. It’s amazing just how many different ways and new spins they devised for uncovering them.

Shrines….talk to everyone

The majority of my new Shrines have been ones unlocked after a NPC-prompted errand. A good way of discovering them is to return to towns, stables and other significant landmarks and talk to everyone. The same goes for the mostly generic side-quests, though I still intend to clear them all. Considering I only have 9 mission related Shrines to find, I’m baffled on how I’m going to find the rest as my travels thus far have mostly eliminated the more obvious ones.

But that’s it for now, hopefully next post I will be finishing up and setting the goals for my next game. There’s still so much to find and discover, all before the DLC too! It’s been fun returning to Hyrule’s most impressive illustration yet!

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  1. It’s so easy to get lost in BOTW. The game wants to distract you and get you caught up in all the little side objectives. But I’m not complaining! Best of luck. 🙂

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