Umihara Kawase Fresh demo in Japanese eShop

English translated games in Japanese eShop

In my weekly YvoCaro Plays I mentioned one of the advantages of the Nintendo Switch: it isn’t region locked like the 3DS was. And at times it pays to keep an eye on the other region shops as well, to find hidden gems.

Some games are already in English too, and downloading that game reverts it automatically to a language most of us can understand. It’s very easy to add another account to the console and link it to, for instance, Japan. The only thing that is a hassle is adding funds to your account. Foreign credit cards can’t be used, you’d have to buy an online eShop card in yen first. (want to know more on the topic? Here’s the YvoCaro Plays I mentioned.)

Umihara Kawase Fresh demo

I was reminded of this when I saw info about Umihara Kawase Fresh: a game that looks very cute and has a free demo in the Japanse eShop. As you may know, cute is what attracts me, so I gave it a shot. Entering the Japanese eShop can be daunting, but you can easily find the game when you filter on games with a demo. Choose the little looking glas at the top in the orange bar to the left.

The demo’s are in the box I highlighted orange. And Umihara Kawase Fresh is easily recognizable. Download the demo by clicking the one that’s highlighted brown.

If you don’t want to bother with all of this, you can also wait, as Nicalis is also bringing the game to Europe and North America too on April 2019.

Help! A platformer!

Anyway, that’s how I accidentally stumbled across a platform game. You won’t find many of them on my Switch as I’m never really very good at them. The idea behind the game is fun though, and the graphics are bright and colourful. The controls are easy to understand: your little chef Kawase can run, jump, climb onto ledges and ladders.

The main mechanic however is her fishing line. It hooks into all surfaces and enemies, and she can swing between platforms with it. There’s added fun to be had by gathering ingredients and cooking food, as Kawase is a chef who’s life and hunger meter can be replenished by food. So as long as you have the required ingredients, you can cook up several kind of meals.

Want to give it a try now? Check out the Japanese eShop for the demo. Or wait a couple of weeks and find it in the European or American eShop as well.



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