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Unforeseen Incidents Review

Game: Unforeseen Incidents
Genre: Adventure, Mystery, Point and Click, Puzzle
System: Nintendo Switch (Also on Steam, (Windows, Linux, and Mac)
Developers | Publishers: Backwoods Entertainment | ASHGAMES
Age Rating: US T | EU 7+
Price: US $19.99 | UK £13.00| EU € 15,55
Release Date: January 27th, 2022

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Unforeseen Incidents is a classic point-and-click mystery-adventure title that centers around a sudden unknown outbreak in a small town.

Unfortunate Incidents LadiesGamers
What an ominous opening…


The game introduces a regular handyman named Harper Pendrel. He randomly comes across a dying woman in the street going about his day. She suffers from an unknown disease. However, before she is whisked away by the local disease control, she hands him a mysterious letter to be delivered to a reporter staying at the nearby inn.

While the story unfolds, Harper, along with the reporter, a scientist friend, and an artist, become wrapped up in a wild conspiracy that will change their lives forever. What starts as a simple investigation quickly evolves into a much bigger and somewhat convoluted plot.

Unfortunate Incidents LadiesGamers
Even the dumpster is a sight for sore eyes.


Unforeseen Incidents plays like a typical point-and-click adventure game. The player clicks various areas and items on the screen for Harper to interact with. The player watches as the lead walks from place to place – which was pretty frustrating after a while. The story will often skip this feature in favour of the plot, something that I much preferred than walking through the same 4-5 screens in the first part of the game.

There are puzzles and minor stealth elements to this game. Many of them involve finding a series of items chained together to create the ability to achieve the task. The stealth sections involve disguises and blending in with the enemy to accomplish dangerous missions. These parts were alright, though I wish that they weren’t quite so easy to fail.

Unfortunate Incidents LadiesGamers
The inn we’re directed to by the dying woman.

Art and Music

The art is a real standout in this game. The character models are done in a fun, stylized style that helps bring the story and its players to life. The backgrounds are striking. The designs are fairly memorable and there is careful attention to detail.

The music didn’t stand out quite as much. While it didn’t take away from the scenes, it didn’t really stick with me once the game was closed.

Unfortunate Incidents LadiesGamers
I love the attention to detail when you zoom in close.

Pros and Cons

On the plus side, this game has an interesting premise, fun characters, and amazing art. The characters, even the minor ones, were visually distinct and a joy to talk to. The conspiracy of Yelltown did pique my interest. I was invested in what ultimately happened.

I was frustrated by the pacing and wasn’t fond of the music, con-wise. The beginning of the story is slow and takes time to get into. I had to look up a guide to get into a faster flow and even then, the story took time to build up through the first two acts. The music wasn’t a standout to me one way or the other. I also wasn’t a fan of how convoluted the plot got sometimes. The puzzles required a guide to get through at a reasonable pace for me.

Unforeseen Incidents
When unsure, seek out your friendly neighborhood park ranger.


Unfortunate Incidents is a nice point-and-click title for those who don’t mind a slow burn. I can see this appealing to those who are itching for a mystery and want to try something a little different from bigger mystery games. It’s interactive and interesting, though the pacing plot and music could be better. It wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

Final Verdict: I’m Not Sure. I'm not sure

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