Welcoming SuperWhoLocked to our team!

Well, what do you know? For some time no one joined the writing team, and now I’m happy to introduce you to another writer. Her name is Natalie, but she will be writing under her alias of SuperWhoLocked. 24 years old and hailing from (not so) sunny England, UK! Please help me welcome her!

Spreading the love for Nintendo through work!

I’ve been gaming since I was 8 years old, starting on the GameBoy Colour with Pokémon Blue being my first game. When my mum realised I was holding my brother’s games ransom it finally sunk in that she wasn’t getting the girly girl that she anticipated! 

I’ve had all of the handheld Nintendo consoles with the exception of the GameBoy Micro, and I have had the TV consoles from the GameCube upwards! I recently upgraded my Nintendo Switch onto the improved battery life version so I’m ready to game on the go. I also work in a gaming related environment – so I’m constantly trying to learn new things to spread my love for Nintendo! 

I have also dipped my toes into Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but PlayStation was my preferred choice and currently own a PS4 Slim for games like Destiny and Warframe, so I’m up for discussion on most games so please feel free to ask me questions! 

I play a range of games from indie to mainstream, but my main passions are Pokémon, Animal Crossing & Stardew Valley! In my spare time I enjoy reading sci-fi and horror novels, reading manga, watching anime and hoarding Switch accessories that I really don’t need but want anyway! 



  1. Welcome to Ladies Gamers SuperWhoLocked!
    We can never have to many Pokémon, Animal Crossing & Stardew Valley enthusiasts here
    I was never a girly girl either, but with me it was encouraged instead of unexpected.

      1. I think for my parents (especially my mom, because my parents were divorced and we lived with my mom) it was a sort of ‘rebellion’ against the way it has always been.
        I had short hair, people thought I was a boy. I remember having 1 dress, but my hamster nibbled at it, so I didn’t wear it after that.
        I had a ‘cool’ bike, was on football and remember feeling slightly silly for wanting a doll.

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