Etrian Odyssey V for 3DS release

In a couple of days, Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth will be released on the 3DS. On October 17, it can be downloaded in the 3DS eShop in North America and Europe. Plus, Europe will get the physical release on November 3, 2017.

It’s been a long time coming, some four years to be precise. And before you want to raise your voice to correct me: I know that there have been other titles since we had EO IV: Legends of the Titan, but they where remakes of earlier EO games:
– Etrian Odyssey: the Millennium Girl was a remake of the first ever EO game
– Etrian Odyssey: the Knight of Fafnir was a remake of the second EO game.
So this will be a truly new game since a long time.

One of the things that appeal to me in these RPG games is the way you draw your own map. This one has the map-drawing feature just like the others, but this time the game returns to the series’ classic formula. In the other games I played there was a world map and more then one dungeon. This time, there’s no need for a world map, as you climb Arcania’s Yggdrasil Tree and find your dungeons ready for you. This single labyrinth has multiple strata, each one with its own challenges, ecosystems, and monsters.

What’s the same is that the bottom screen is simply a sheet of graph paper, where you can draw lines for walls, fill in floors, and place icons to mark points of interest. You can write notes and label traps and hazards. If you have mastered certain floors, it is possible to lay down tracks for auto-walking through floors. If you don’t like to do it all yourself, you can also make cartography more efficient by allowing the game to automatically draw floors and walls for you.

The team will be formed from four races: the Human type Earthlains, the Elf type Celestrians, the Halflings Brounis and the Beast types Therians. There are 10 classes, but each race can only be certain jobs. Choosing the best combination for your party will be key.

Siliconera has made a detailed description of everything the various races and classes can do for you, you can find it here.


  1. (Insert constant fangirling here)
    I can’t wait! …Why didn’t I mark this game’s release day down…? I’m pretty bad at tracking game release days. Now I have three games to play through. Etrian Odyssey V, Dragon Quest IV, and Mario Odyssey.
    This has been a great year for gaming.

    1. It has! Too many good games even. I’m trying to keep my shopping instincts at bay, as I still have Stardew Valley I’m enjoying so much, plus another couple of great games waiting. But eventually this one will be mine!

  2. I’m really hyped up for that game, and quite relieved that it’s coming to our shores at long last. I had nearly lost hope that it would ever be localized.

    On a more general note, you’ve been posting so much lately! ^_^ Glad to see your blogging mojo is at its peak. Now I have to read all the posts of these last weeks, which is quite the pleasant task indeed. 🙂

    1. Thanks my friend, for reading them! I used to make a weekly gaming news post, but it occurred to me that I might as well spread the news posts throughout the week!

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