Exercise for Gamers – Injury Prevention

Gaming on either computers, consoles or mobile can be very intense on the hands and arms. While having a normal exercise routine is important, stretching out these areas should be part of every gamer’s routine. As someone who’s had tendonitis in both wrists before, I don’t want anyone else to get it or anything similar!

So let’s take a look at what you could do to prevent this.

Wrist and Hands

Dr. Levi Harrison has quite a few videos on different exercises you can do to prevent injury. Of course, it’s also important to take breaks when gaming.


A handy sheet showing some wrist and hand exercises was made by @CaptainHanyuu on Twitter.

It’s also important to not overdo these exercises! Especially if you’ve never done much with your wrists before. If you’re already injured or sore please don’t do these exercises without talking to your doctor and/or physiotherapist first.


That said, posture is also very important. Everything connects to each other, but having proper posture ensures no excess pressure is put on your hands and arms when gaming.

Dawn Cox from Prana Functional Manual Therapy has made a video showing a way to have better posture while gaming. This is helpful for handheld and console gamers.

Exercise Equipment for Gamers

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a lot of gaming themed fitness equipment. The possibilities could be endless, but I suppose they don’t see much of a crossover in the market. I have been using this mushroom stress ball by Paladone Products that I got from EB Games. It’s a very firm good quality stress ball for my exercises.

I hope you found this useful, and will incorporate some of this information in your life. Along with general health reasons for exercise, injury prevention is very important.

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