Game of the Month: October

Only three more games to pick, and with all the good 3DS games being released in the next weeks, it won’t be an easy choice. But that is riches, right, being spoiled for choice?

This month was fairly easy, I guess you all saw it coming: Happy Home Designer is my game of the month October. I have been playing it for a big part of the month, the game sure keeps you entertained. At first I wondered how the game would keep me entertained, but with all the design choices and the huge range of items to decorate with the game keeps you coming back. The exquisite miniatures, such a joy to look at. The game designers have managed to copy real life items down to the last detail. All the favorite characters appear in the game, each with their own unique personality. Now I’m not one to get exited at their familiar faces, but it dose feels like meeting up with old friends. The Amiibo cards are an inspired addition too, the fans are avidly collecting the little cards. I had the most fun designing the office, which I made into the bridge of the Starship Enterprise: that is what makes the game unique. You can play it which ever way you want!image

I played another new title on my American 3DS, Chibi Robo Zip Lash. A platformer with my favorite character, that didn’t get a very warm reception overall. For me, it was a nice game. I’m no fan of platformers, I’m not very good at them, but I did like the game. The difficulty is more then enough for me, and the game does capture the charm that is Chibi Robo. But I would still like to add: how I wish that this was a normal Chibi Robo game! Then I’m fairly certain that a simulation Chibi Robo would have been my favorite of 2015.Chibi Robo, zip lash, 3ds,

The rest of my gaming time was spent on an old title. Following the the article about whether or not we would like a successor to Run Factory 4 I decided to jump back in the game again. That’s the nice thing about having a huge backlog of games, you just jump back into it when the mood takes you. I’ve really been enjoying myself with the game, I’ve seen the first titles role, but it seems to only be a first chapter that’s over. There is so much to do in the game, it’s really amazing. The combination of exploring, fighting and farming makes this such a wonderful title. There’s so much to do and to find out in the game, you really need a forum or guide to let you in on all its secrets. A must play game for any simulation and RPG gamer.Rune factory 4,

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