Handheld Gaming News week 43

An important week in Handheld Gaming, as Super Mario Odyssey was released on October 27, so the Switch now has two games that any Nintendo platforms can’t do without: a Zelda game and a Mario game. And in the middle of the week we had the long awaited news about the mobile Animal Crossing game. Once again, exiting times!

I’ve been on a short break this weekend, visiting Cambridge in the UK. Normally we love going to London, but we decided to visit the well-known college towns instead. What a beautiful historical towns. If you are into Harry Potter, then you’d love this too. Over here, you can see how college life really is. No doubt JK Rowling was heavily inspired by it!

Well, take a cup of tea or coffee, and let’s sit down for some gaming news!

Nintendo will keep focusing on the 3DS

With Super Mario Odyssey in shops, website TIME had an interesting interview with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé. What I found very interesting was what Reggie answered when asked: “how do you plan to balance the 3DS versus the Switch in terms of game development?” He said:

We view the 3DS as a very important part of our lineup, but really targeted against a different consumer. That product is really focused against new consumers in the Nintendo family, [such as] five, six, seven or 10-year olds [who want] their own dedicated system. And a system [on which] they can play all of these great games. So it’s going to have a different focus: entry consumers and consumers looking for a little bit more value.

small 3DS, original release, aqua blueWith the huge library of games, I doubt that the 3DS will be obsolete any time soon, but does this mean we will only see new games on it aimed at younger players? You can read the entire interview here.

8-bit Mario stickers

You know how you can use stickers in iOS iMessage to enhance what you’re texting? Well, now 8- bit Mario stickers are available in the App Store. Mario in his original pixel form, and famous scenes from Super Mario Bros for NES can be used to enhance your messages.8-bit Mario Stickers

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp soft-launched in Australia

Where you as surprised as I was that AC Pocket Camp was released early in Australia? It got me wondering why developers do this, and whether or not I wanted to jump in too. ( Read my thoughts here). It’s not the only game that is being tested this way in various countries, see this list that Pocketgamer compiled! 54 games in soft launchAnimal Crossing Pocket Camp

New Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth release date

The newest Digimon Story game, Hacker’s Memory, has a Western release date: the game will come to America and Europe on January 19, on the PS Vita and the PS4. I have fond memories of the first game, as you can read here. This new game starts out with Keisuke Amazawa being a victim of identity theft after his EDEN account got hacked. He has to find the person responsible and prove himself innocent.fullsizeoutput_195a

Retailer exclusive goodies for SoS Tale of Two Towns+

Sometimes you just wish you could live in Japan, right? Take a look at these Retailer exclusive goodies for the remastered version of Tale of Two Towns +. All things Japanese buyers will be able to get if they pre-order the game! Just check out this cute luncheon mat, the fabric stickers and this carrying pouch!

A cute luncheon mat.
An original carrying pouch
Original fabric stickers

DLC Breath of the Wild re-confirmed  for this year

Expected, but no definite date yet: the second set of DLC for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But, Reggie once again confirmed that the new set of DLC, the Champion’s Ballad, will come this week. We just got a special video message from Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma. Check it out!

That’s it for this week. I bet many of you will immerse yourself in Mario, but I’ll just chip away at Stardew Valley again. Have a great gaming weekend!


  1. Been playing Super Mario Odyssey with my younger brother. It’s been very fun so far! Also the game looks beautiful. And sounds beautiful. And is beautiful. Okay, I really love the game!

    I’m glad Nintendo is still focusing on the 3DS. It’s my favorite handheld system for many reasons. Some of my favorite games are on it. What an awesome system.

  2. Oh, Reggie, if only I was that gullible again a decade and a year later. Let’s see what you said about the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS back in 2006, shall we?

    In this interview (http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/news301106gbadead), you say: “For us, it continues to be a great stepping stone for five, six, seven year old consumers to have their first great handheld gaming experience and then transition right into DS,”

    WOW this sounds a LOT like the 3DS in 2017, doesn’t it? I mean really, you didn’t stick with GBA past 2006, so why should I believe you about the 3DS in 2018???

    1. Aha, I didn’t know that, it was before I got interested in gaming. But you’re so right, that does sound familiar! And like I said, the part where he says that they are going to focus the 3DS for a younger audience? I mean, the fact that Pokémon will be on Switch for the next title is clear prove!

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