Introducing Ash

It’s been awhile, but I want to introduce you to a new writer who is joining our team. Please help me welcome Ash to the site. As she is a big fan of Otome games too, you can expect more Otome reviews and news on!

Canada is now represented at LadiesGamers

Hey there! I am a 34 year old Canadian. I have been gaming since I was a small child with my cousin’s original NES, and then eventually my own Xmas-gifted SNES. I have owned almost every Nintendo console since SNES (except I totally skipped the N64 era; it was in that weird childhood transition time where your parents no longer think video games are a good gift because you’re older, but you don’t yet have your own money).
Ashley new writer
I have also owned a PS2, 3, and Vita. I have some regret that past-me decided that many of my games were just collecting dust and would be happier in the hands of others, so I sold a lot of my stuff. I kept my SNES though because my collection is so rad. Anyway, now my Switch is my gaming-goddess, and I worship at her shrine frequently.
My favourite things include Zelda, otome, bees, squirrels, theatre, improvisation, the environment, feminism and equality, being in and around nature, and chocolate.


  1. Welcome Ashromer!
    I read your Stardew Valley update news.
    I’m re started a new game recently (and was instantly addicted again), so it was extra interesting and nice to read for me.
    I hope to see the fish ponds soon!

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