Kickstarter Kitori Academy

We are always on the lookout for Kickstarter campaigns that catch our attention, and this time we want to an interesting one called Kitori Academy. Cubenary, an indie studio based in London is on a mission to cheer up the world with wholesome games, and Kitori Academy intends to do just that. The campaign has just gone live and will be open for you to join till March 10 2022. Let’s take a look!

Brewing a new potion in the Cauldron

Memories of Magician’s Quest

Unbelievable really what Harry Potter has brought to the world of books, movies and gaming as well. Everything related to wizarding is hot, and I think this wasn’t lost on the developers behind Kitori Academy. Looking at the game I was reminded of the wonderful world of Hogwarts, but it was another comparison that immediately piqued my interest.

Your cat would like some pets!

Remember a little game on the DS that Konami released in 2008 called Magician’s Quest: Mysterious times? It was a game that was clearly inspired by Animal Crossing, but it incorporated learning spells and actually doing magic while at your wizarding school in a clever way. I loved that game and was very disappointed Konami could never be persuaded to bring the three sequels West outside of Japan. Maybe, Kitori Academy will scratch that itch.

Joining the Academy in the Kitori Region

The Academy where you are going to learn to be a wizard is located in the Kitori region, a gorgeous valley surrounded by mountains and forests. You decide how to spend your days and what magical skills you want to train each day. You wake up every day and attend different magical lessons, such as botanic, spell-casting, potion-making, and so on.

Meeting others at the Tree Plaza

Of course, every wizard needs a companion, and here it’s a cat. When you leave your home, your cat will transform into their spirit form, and they will accompany you around the academy. The Tree plaza is the place to be, a common area where you can find other apprentices hanging around.

Spells, Potions and Green Fingers

One of the most important tasks is to learn about nature, so growing your harvesting skill will be key. Your garden is in the botanic classroom, and you will be able to plant, water and harvest fresh veggies and other surprises. Not the usual way, mind you: you use spells for things like hoeing the soil and watering the seeds!

Farming by using spells

It’s not just about spells though, you have to master brewing potions as well. Complete as many teacher’s assignments as you can to improve your potion brewery skill and obtain class points. This will help you achieve the next level and discover new potion recipes! If you want, you can try to mix different ingredients and discover a new recipe yourself, but the teacher will be there to guide you and give you hints!

You don’t have to constantly work on your wizard grades. You can also bond with your fellow students, catch insects or fish and explore secret passageways and puzzles. On some occasions, your peaceful apprentice life will be shaken by events around the academy. When that happens it’s time to put your new spells to practice, draw your staff and prepare to face the challenge. These events occur at random times in different classrooms or common areas; no one knows why or how they happened!

Kickstarter Details

It sounds good to me, I’m looking forward to seeing how this game will eventually look. The goal for the Kickstarter is already reached: initially pitched at £ 29,750, and at the time of writing £ 52,087 has been reached by pledges made by 1,453 backers. Cubenary intends to bring the game first to Steam and Nintendo Switch and hopes to achieve this by Fall 2023. After that, they have their sights on the PlayStation and Xbox versions in the spring of 2024.

Want to know more? The Kickstarter page for Kitori Academy is here.




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