LadiesGamers Overview week 21

Come on in my friend, and get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea. Time to look back at the overview of everything that happened on the site this past week, running from May 18th until May 24th 2020.

The weekly news highlights what happened on this past week. So if you haven’t had time to read during the week, here’s all that was published all wrapped in a nice package.

This weeks reviews

Active Neurons Review (Nintendo Switch)

Reviewing Active Neurons, Paula finds it is a neat wee puzzle game, with quite a few hours of gameplay for the price of a few pounds in the eShop.

StarCrossed Review (Nintendo Switch)

StarCrossed is a fun colorful little arcade game. The biggest strength is in co-op but James had plenty of fun playing it alone as well.

Lonely Mountain: Downhill Review (Nintendo Switch)

Lonely Mountain: Downhill is a lovely little ride that reminds you of the beauty of the great outdoors, something that’s needed so much right now.

Talisman: Digital Edition Review (Switch)

CJ check out Talisman: Digital Edtion. Can this game be a digital substitute for her weekly board game meetings that social distancing has put a stop to?

Concept Destruction Review (Switch)

Are you in the mood for some Destruction? Make your own cardboard car and find others to smash into. James finds it very satisfying!

Ara Fell: Enhanced Edition Review (Switch)

Aamir reviews Ara Fell and finds that it works on every level: story, music, visuals, and gameplay. You’ll like it even more if you adore classic JRPGs!

Neversong Review (PC)

Neversong: a Kickstarter success story. The developer has made full use of their abilities and talent to create a wonderfully creepy memorable adventure.

Gaming News

Gaming news with these news snippets:

Digital pre-order Story of Seasons

Join the quest of young witch Potata

Puzzle adventure Evan’s Remains coming

Visual novel Strawberry Vinegar coming next month

Summer in Mara getting close





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